Sunday, January 26, 2014

Checking in . . .

Our weather is crazy.   Today we reached 64°F and tomorrow night the temp will plunge to something around 5°F for the low and stay below freezing temps for the next couple of days.    This time last year, my daffodils had sprouted six or seven inches high already.  This year, the sprouted an inch and a half,  and have stayed put.  Those sprouts are all frost bitten and brown.  

The gold finches are eating me out of house and home.  LOL   With the really cold days,   I have to refill the Nijer/thistle seed feeders every 48 hours.    Poor things, if they have nothing to eat then they cannot create body warmth to stay alive.   I am going broke feeding them.   ;-)

Some of you will remember Sondra H. in California.   The first time I met Sondra,  my DH had a convention in Monterey and she and I met up for coffee.   This was a few years before Rosey's Retreat, where some of you have met her.   Sondra's DH has a conference to attend here in Nashville, and she is coming  with him.    Tomorrow, we will spend the day together  at quilt shops & having lunch.  I'm looking forward to it.

My sister and her DH return from their 2-week cruise of New Zealand and Australia today.   I pick them up at the airport in a few hours and am looking forward to hearing about their trip


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