Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Yes, it is spectacularly beautiful here.  I  live in the Sth Island so know it better than the Nth Island.  When we have overseas visitors we drive from here (East coast) over to the West Coast easilly, in a day.  We then drive south to the glaciers, back over the mountains to the lakes and then drive north, back home again ,all in four days.  If the weather is right the views and the countryside look amazing.   Further south is Queenstown,  it's a tourist spot with lots of things to do (Bungee jumping , white river rafting etc) At the top of the Sth Island we have,the Marlboorough Sounds (fiords) It's another beautiful area too.  You can travel south from the Nth Island on a ferry to the Sth Island (or fly ofcourse..)   We travel to the Nth Island to visit family but we haven't done much exploring up there (it's on the bucket list...)   Thats where you'll find the boiling mud , the bigger cities (Auckland (the city of sails),and Wellington, (the capital ) and more people !  The top of the Island is sub tropical, we had a lovely holiday up there one year, and found it an interesting and beautiful place to visit.   What more can I say ?  Go to the NZ tourist web site. That will no doubt be illustrated with lots of mouth watering photos...

Now I must try to find Frans emails, We are thinking that they may have been directed to a folder and that the folder is hiding somewhere...!



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