Monday, January 20, 2014

A question for Marion & Fran

Now, this is a picture of J. in his new snowblowing snowsuit, new fur hat, woolen ski mask, all set for this winter we're having, photo taken a few years ago.  Pretty scary eh!  (Canadian's say 'eh', Americans say 'huh' !!) 

Fran in Australia, Marion in New Zealand, I have a young 'friend' bank teller who is going on holiday in March, either to Australia or to New Zealand.  With the fires in Australia and the hot weather, I'm suggesting New Zealand, he's not sure which country he'll choose.  He's gone to a travel agency to look at both possibilities.  I'm wondering in the month of March what either country might offer and at any time, what either country would offer.  Just curious.

My computor fix-it will be delayed a day as our landline is now out (no telephone service and J. without a connection to the internet, for some reason, likely because I've had a second line in here, I'm okay, as I must be operating still on this second line, which I'm told once high speed goes into a house, two lines (one to override the telephone line) are not necessary.  Thus, tomorrow will be spent waiting for the telephone repair man and the computer will wait to Wed. to visit the computer hospital.
Rosey and it's very, very cold here in Southern Ontario, Canada...


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