Monday, January 20, 2014


Rosey - My DS added something called Ad Block, I believe, which prevents the pop-ups and makes me happy. That is the annoying part of this computer use. My DD says well if you use their free services they have to pay for them somehow. Well, these companies do have huge profits so I'd like to know when they've earned enough. DS will help on occasion with my irritations with the way my computer behaves. For a long time he refused because my computer was over 10 years old. Once I updated by buying myself a laptop he advised me and set it all up for me. It seems it's not enough for me to accept and use technology but I must keep up to date on it. DS is annoyed by my lack of correct terminology - never mind that I can't always recall words or names I have had in my vocabulary for half a century. Anyway, make a list like you would for the doctor and ask your computer geeks to do what they can. I must admit it took 3 of the younger generations to look at how my Facebook page appeared and to get it to where I could use it easier. Funny thing was once I pitted the talents of one against the other I got better results. LOL

Marioin - I read an article which featured shops in Christchurch, I believe, that were created from shipping containers. One was even two story. I thought it was an amazing concept for maybe what was quick rehabilitation of shops and a new effort in recycling. I believe there was some creative activity of that sort after hurricane Katrina. It just seems like nature is so tenuous now days. It has been cold here in the Midwest but the extremes from day to day and the weather guessers are what frustrate me the most. As long as I get a little sunshine now and then I can survive the winter. I believe the heat like in Australia now is harder for me. In spite of all that I truly enjoy the changing seasons, just looking for a better balance and less extremes. I've tried to do my part over the years for our planet but not everyone is on board with that.

That's all the posts I have gotten through now so I'll be back to comment when I get through more posts. Its been fun to see all the activity here.


At January 20, 2014 at 9:18 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Fran, your post re your computer and updating it...will lead me this week, I have a feeling...into...your computer is ten years old, why don't you.....!!!! and I will say, no. Fix it, get rid of the bad stuff, it's fine the way it is. I was next door late this afternoon because our landline has been knocked out (no telephone, J. no computer, mine on another line, working). My neighbour has a laptop. Now J. bought a laptop a few years ago and it's stuffed on a side table piled with books and papers. Too small a screen. Didn't work for him. Nor would a laptop work for me. I don't travel, I don't need to take a computer with me and if I were to travel, I don't want to be hooked into something that demanded I pay attention to it and not my travels. We both like desktops. I am not on FB, feel it would not only be intrusive on my time in the studio here but also, I'm not interested in reading what someone had for lunch or what they did in any one given day. That's just me. FB gives a lot of people, enjoyment and I've been known to enjoy being informed about someone I would otherwise not have known about, on FB from friends (our pup's breeder was kicked in the face by one of his horse's hooves and he will need reconstructive surgery, now without FB this information would have been unknown to me)...The internet is both a blessing and a bane to my existance and I could not do without it. 90% of my B&B business comes over the internet.
I'm going to post something for you and Marion to ponder, now.

At January 21, 2014 at 7:03 AM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

Everything you say I agree with.I carry my laptop from room to room in the house. Then there will be times when visiting the kids and they're habitually all on their smart phones so I'm on my laptop just to have company. I like to think if we'd had these gadgets when I was raising them I would have made rules about usage and paying attention to the people in one's presence. Who knows? FB is mainly for photos of the grandbabies as they grow. But I have also found a Vintage and Antique quilt FB page where I learn lots about the history of quilts - a huge interest of mine. But, it is a time waster, no doubt and I do not feel I yet have a good balance in my usage.


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