Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday morning and the daylight is trying to break thru .....not a big fan of January .....always glad when it is over....   Been busy with grandsons.....our family has seen some upsetting changes in it during 2013 and settling our minds and relationships with all of it and each other takes a toll.... But we move forward and do the best we can....

 Today was suppose to be a quilting day out but trudging thru the snow and slush just doesn't give me the motivation to do that so I shall just stay and play here......

Sara....glad the vein surgery went well.....I have some decisions in that area to make in the near future.  

Mary Jo.......I admire so much how u  are dealing with all the changes in your life....sending hugs

Laura...that quilt is beautiful......and yes having DH retired does change things on the home front.....not always the way we has taken us a long time to make that adjustment and for me to claim my time back.....

Off to claim some of it now... ,


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