Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The polar vortex . . . !!!

Rosey,  love the photo.  That is the reality check we need down south here, as we have suffered from the cold but not been hit as badly.

It has been cold here in Middle Tennessee, but nothing like our neighbors to the north have suffered.
We woke up to 2°F on Monday and Tuesday mornings and the wind ..... ACK!!!  Wind and its chill factor were unbelievable.   To save on natural gas (and the resulting bill),  I moved the thermostat back a couple of degrees to 64/65F and wore an extra layer in the house.

Sophie was immune to the elements and took .. her... time ... doing her business outside while I was at the other end of her leash.   While I was bundled up for the weather, my face was not.    Oh, the pain from that cold wind chill!  

Today we are back to more normal temps ... a balmy 40°F and I felt like washing the car.   LOL

DH and DSon had a wonderful trip to the BCS bowl game.   Too bad that Auburn lost, but at least they made Florida work hard to win.   ;-)   With all the airport drama due to this bad weather,  their non-stop flights out and back home were only delayed by 30 and 20 minutes, so they were very lucky!!!

I spent the polar vortex days sewing polar fleece footie pajama sleepers for our granddaughter.  KwikSew has a great pattern (2919) that I use.  DGD should have plenty enough that DDIL won't have to do laundry quite as often, hopefully.   They are the easiest wardrobe for a baby her age, during winter's cold weather.

Well, I think I have this post done up right to get paragraphs, so we'll see.

Stay warm everyone.


At January 12, 2014 at 6:58 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Doris- looks like we were cheering for different teams! My husband's best friend went, and came home with a head cold. He and DH were roommates at Fla. State in 68--70.
Sara in Fla.


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