Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Oh my goodness !!!

Inspired by the new posts, I thought I would try again, to access the page.......low and behold....... once more new far so good..... maybe it will work this time !

Seasons gretetings to all.  I have been concerned to read about the weather conditions in and around Toronto, so it was good to read that you are warm and cosy Rosey, if surrounded by ice and snow ! The weather in southern Engalnd hasn't been much better, and I have been anxious for family travelling to visit each other over the holiday period.

It's Boxing Day here so the BIG day is over for another year. We shared it with good friends and had a lovely day. The weather started off well but the rain came later in the day. it's wet today so we won't be going far.  Maybe a few friends will drop by later. This is the first year for a very long time, that we haven't been with family .  DD#1 and family are in HK.and DD#2 and family are in Auckland.  We usually go to Auckland but we went up last week instead, for the DGD"s 18th Bday. That was special.

All the best for the New Year.  I hope 2014 won't be too challenging !  We will be starting it by trying to deal with the fallen trees.  Back in Sept. a hurricane force wind came through Canterbury and blew thousands of trees down, a few hundred of them were ours.  We then went away for two months, so didn't get onto it until we came home.  It's been very hard to get the men and machines needed to tackle the job safely.  We have a contractor lined up for "after Christmas"   so we are hoping that will be sooner rather than later..  

Now to press the  "Publish" button and see what happens !



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