Tuesday, December 24, 2013

May I add my wishes for the coming year in good health and if not good health, better than this past year.  I decided this year that this would be my last for mailed Christmas Greetings, saying, I'm either too old, too tired or too grouchy to do them again.  Oddly enough, I thoroughly enjoyed doing them in the family room with the wood stove fire on and my Christmas tree, which we cut in November while it's still warm enough for me to get my fingers around the Christmas tree lights and on the tree, it's on our back porch, which can be seen from three rooms and we leave it up until April when the snow melts and we're ready to put out the garden furniture on the porch.  Suet is tucked into the tree and so we all enjoy it, no needles falling inside and we have it for so much longer than if it was placed inside.  And this monkey I couldn't resist.  I bought it as a gift for myself.  It makes me smile.  I may be the only grandma with her own stuffed monkey...am I??
Rosey in a very icy Southern Ontario, Canada...we are encased in ice, 350,000 people have been without power for three or four days, emergency centres are being set up in the city (Toronto) and 90,000 are still without power.  We were out for a day and a half.  Bought battery powered camp lamps on Sunday and we were quite comfortable each with our own reading lamp.


At December 28, 2013 at 4:05 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Rosey- So good that you have your wood for heat! I never expect the power to go off until it does. Ours is always in the summertime storms. I would imagine that being without heat in the winter is life-threatning.
Sara in Fla.

At December 29, 2013 at 5:51 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Sara, I think for many in the city of Toronto it has been very disturbing to have the power off this long and there are stil some, on Dec. 29th, who do not have power. When I lived in the city I don't remember ever being worried about the power as it so seldom went out. But this storm has been very wide-spread. The Maritimes, New Brunswick, where Celia P lives, has been particularly hard hit as well. It is possible to cook on the top of a wood stove, it's a very fast heat and we have not been cold. The only problem that has stressed me is the ice beneath the snow and taking the dogs out in the dark. DH had to hold a flashlight at the door so that I could take the dogs outside in the dark. My friend in California is in near drought conditions and here we have too much moisture.


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