Sunday, December 29, 2013

Look closely.  This was just sent in from a neighbour around the corner.  Her back field abuts our neighbour's next door.  Taken at dusk, it is a buck with large antlers.  And snow.  You can imagine how pretty it is other than you can imagine how cold it is.  The ice and snow on the deciduous trees is slowly melting although tomorrow it's to go down to 5F so no further melting will occur.  Today, a doe was close up to the house and another doe went sliding past the swimming pool which has a large pine branch lying across the cover.  There are many without power in Toronto still.  We've been without power for 2 1/2 days but other than that, it's on now, and we have B&B guests so I'm hoping it will continue to stay on.  We can't flush the toilets without power for the well pump.  In weather like this I keep a bathtub full of water and pails in the bathroom for power outages.   Patience is required in all things dealing with weather like this.


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