Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thanks RoseyP

Thanks for reminding us that it needs more than one or two to keep this site going. I would hate if it folded, even though I am one of the guilty ones who posts very seldom.  I will try to do better.

SARA: I bet you are really looking forward to that shower!  DH had one leg done quite a few years ago now - that was when they still stripped the veins.  Thankfully he hasn't had to have it done again.

ROSEY: Good luck with getting the computer 'fixed'.  A few computers ago we used to regularly 'clean up' the hard drive by pressing a button but we have an Apple now and that doesn't seem to happen.  I have never heard of dry and wet loops - will have to ask DB who is into that sort of thing. Loved the pic of your grand daughter in the snow.

MARY JO: Glad your part of the world is warming up. So sorry to hear about DH's slow deterioration.
It's years since I've been to the 'pictures' but am actually going to see Saving Mr Banks tomorrow evening with a group of old workmates.  When I mentioned it to DH he said he'd like to see The Book Thief so I'm booking that NEXT week for the 2 of us.  Interesting that both PL Travers (Mary Poppins) and the author of Book Thief were both Aussies.

LAURA: It DOES take a while to get used to DH being home after retirement.  Mine gets very restless if he stays home for any longer than 2-3 days. Quite often I just send him off to do the grocery shopping, which he's done for 30-odd years anyway.  He always comes home with more than we need at the time but I now have a big pantry after having the kitchen re-done recently so I just grin and bear it vbg  Luckily we have another, older computer in the house which I'm able to use when he's on here playing his games.  Thanks for posting your latest quilt picture!

MARION: It is so sad about Christchurch - it was such a beautiful city.  Sorry to hear about so many of your trees also.  Did you get my email and photos?

BEE: How is the packing coming along? I bet you are so looking forward to the move!

We are still recovering from 5 days in the mid 40s C when we stayed inside rather than go out into the oven-like atmosphere, except for venturing out for a quick trip to the shops twice. Each time a shop assistant asked why we would be out in the heat........I felt sorry for them having to, especially in one shop where the air con was hardly working.  Our pool would have been great to use except that it needed a big clean - it's now ready so we're waiting for the weather to heat up a bit more again. (I'm a woos when it comes to swimming in temps less than 30C).

I am on my 9th 'I Spy/ABC' quilt for a family baby. Rather than making a cute baby quilt I give them one which will last for 5-6 years or longer. I think the parents all just think "Oh, the teacher/librarian aunt" and accept them gracefully LOL  I'll try and post a pic of the last one I did.

We are off to Melbourne again in March.  We tend to make the trip over at least 2-3 times a year to catch up with DSs #1 and #3.  They've both promised to spend Christmas over here with us this year. Both will have finished studying and will be looking for work and that could be anywhere, and I mean ANYwhere!  S did tell me the other day that he's hoping to do PostDoc work.

Well, I need a shower and lunch before I get to a Dr's appointment in 45 minutes.  All the best to everyone.
Fran in SAus


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