Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monday morning in NZ.

Thank you to those who have posted photos, they do brighten up the page. Well done Rosey, for coping with all the frustrations.  I have no idea how to post photos anymore. I don't even know where they are on the computer, the DH puts them on and makes it all look so difficult that I fear to try.

Lovely to hear from others this morning too.  Sorry about the sadness faced by some and the difficulties         faced by others. The weather, worldwide, has been extraordinary recently.  So very cold for our friends in America and Canada and unbelievably hot in parts of Australia.  Our summer hasn't been great, yesterday was our first hot day, 31deg. that was too much for me, can't imagine how they have managed in Australia where it's been up in the mid forties some days.

The main activity here is centered around the fallen trees. Some of you may remember that we lost between  three and four hundred trees in a fierce wind last Sept.  It blew through all of Canterbury and there are thousands of trees down so there is a lot of 'clearing up" to be done. Friends have helped us with some,  but the main "shelter belt" all fell on top of each other and it needs experienced men and big machinery to deal with that.

Had a busy week last week with two 'shared lunches" to go to, a day of visitors here from the city and a surpirise 70th bday party for a reluctant Bday girl !  All went well but it took a lot of "kitchen time' to get it all done.  Six of us arrived at the surprise party wearing Royal Masks ! DH and I were the Queen and Duke, then we had Camilla and Charles and Kate and William !  It was a great ice breaker.  The bday girl was still working in the garden when we all arrived and was suitably surprised !!  

I'm enjoying hearing about the films .  Since the earthquake (three years ago next month) I have seen very few. I'm not happy to go to the cinemas in the Shopping Malls and the few small cinemas are on the other side of town.  Hopefully we'll make more of an effort this coming winter .  Christchurch is a desolate place still, lots of empty sections, we are hoping to see some more encouragng signs of the rebuild this year. There are shops to visit, if you know where to look for them, and there are places of interest to go to, but any trip to the city makes us feel so sad, we tend to stay at home.

Better start my day !  Best wishes to all.


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