Friday, January 24, 2014

I have a new best friend

His name is Bill, he works at our local computer repair shop. It's one of those very messy shops where they no doubt know where everything is. He has upped my gigabytes for me, which means my computer doesn't think for two minutes before doing somthing. I have had my computer for ten years now, my very own, bought by me and it's never been cleaned out but it had so many gremlins in it these past few weeks that it was time. I had two security systems on it, one put on by friend, Walter, whose wife died five years ago after being shot by a deer hunter. Walter, in his grieving, would come to talk to me all the time but as he's a pilot (retired Air Canada) and a designer and builder of planes in which his wife helped him, I knew nothing of what he spoke of...but he wanted me to have stuff on my computer that I disn't want to have and one was this other security system plus stuff he likes on his computer, like music, shows, etc. etc. I do not use my computer in that way as a form of entertainment as he does. Apparently, the two security systems were fighting each other, leaving me open with little security. One has been eliminated, his...I retain AVG which Jean in Mill Bay suggested and which I've had ever since. Bell Telephone, our landline and internet provider pulled the plug on our landline last Monday morning, making a terrible mistake in dealing with my computer line which has telephone services included...and in trying to lower our telephone bill which keeps going up, I decided to move it to a dry loop instead of a wet loop (one that includes telephone service). Instead, they pulled our main telephone line and J's computer is connected to this. We've been without a telephone and he, without a computer, since last Monday. He was in serious withdrawl. I think everything is back in working order but I ended up in tears talking to Bell this morning, in total frustration. Now, to my bank teller 'friend', he has decided to go to both Australia and New Zealand both and appreciated your postings, Fran and Marion, which he's reading over. When I find out where his trip goes and what it includes, I will let you both know on the board here. The wind is howling around the studio windows tonight. We are to expect 60 mile an hour winds, and snow overnight and tomorrow. It's been a stressful winter for many here in Ontario and the Maritimes, where Celia P lives and even out west, it's quite cold. Jean in Mill Bay was kind enough not to send pictures of daffodils growing, which should be happening on the west coast of Canada in February. Rosey, who is recovering from the week's events.


At January 25, 2014 at 6:55 AM , Blogger Doris W. in TN said...

I am so glad your computer has had a complete physical, roto-rootered, and back on the mend.
Your description of the computer repair shop sounds frighteningly like my sewing room.

I remember when people said "you can't hurt your computer" when that was a big fat lie. Having two security systems that fight each other can create a nightmare.

I recently downloaded a malware program that is free, after doing extensive online research. What I learned is that the paid version runs in the background and WILL fight with the built-in Microsoft system I use. The free version is activated on demand, for scanning & cleaning up, and when I close it out, it is shut down. No running in the background, no fighting with my other program. The stuff we have to learn, just to keep our computers functioning properly.... gah!

What a nightmare to have the phone service leave its customers in the lurch! What was their justification, and did you find a new provider? Technology... argh! Bring on the carrier pigeons! LOL

At January 26, 2014 at 7:42 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Doris, I'm such a novice in understanding computers but you are exactly right, our friend Walter put on this extra spam system and this is what was happening Both systems fought with each other and disallowed me protection as they were fighting it out with each other. Imagine. Bell Telephone, which used to be our only telephone provider and which used to be a company with live people on their switchboard (sort of like remembering when milk was delivered in bottles by horse and wagon which believe it or not, happened in my early childhood) has gone the way of all gigantic corporations. Automated voice control, outsourcing to countries where people are taught English yet speak so quickly that I cannot understand them, who in their automation told me in a recording that a technician would be out, Tues., Wed., Thurs. and never came because.....they called and couldn't get us....and guess why, Bell pulled our landline on Monday morning themselves. Why, if one is having trouble with a telephone line would Bell call before coming out??? There was less frustration when milk was delivered to the house, bread was delivered to the house, postmen brought mail to the house (and Canada Post is wanting to eliminate that too...can you see the elderly who can't get out getting themselves down to some central depot to get their mail). The way of the world has gone far past me now


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