Tuesday, February 25, 2014

thank you and bones!!!!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I realise just how lucky I am. I never imagined I wouldn't have any pressure in my old age and plan to enjoy it so much. We took the dog there the other day. He really enjoyed the room to run or in his case waddle. He was also worried about the height. Robyn called him and he looked everywhere but up, until a biscuit flew past his nose. ...... I am planning to go to Aussie next year to fossick for bones. A large deposit has been found in Queensland and it is possible to go and stay there and play with the bones. I am not capable of digging but can go in the lab and clean or sort the things. My dear son has mentioned that we live just across from our biggest cemetry(sp)and I could play there. !!!I know that must be wrong but have packed my dictionery. Doris pull back from the Google site and you will see what I mean. Hugs Bee.


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