Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Further 'cabin fever' nonsense

And, aside from squirrels and bunnies and birds at my bird feeders, I now have three plump wild turkeys for noonday luncheons.  They are cleaning up the bird seed that the blue jays are busy flailing around with their beaks.  The turkeys are quite handsome and very skittish.  I watched them walk majestically across the field next to my studio, then they flew up to the top of our fence and hopped down, then waddled up the little hill to the feeding station.  And that was my excitement of the day.  I'm trying to remind myself that there are small pleasures in each day instead of complaining about how cold it is (well below freezing) or that we have a nobbly skating rink outside and that just getting to my car in the outside garage is an adventure or that there are two people housed here who move around silently like ships in the night...putting wood onto the fires to keep ourselves warm, I think it's good to be on this side of the earth than otherwise but winter in the Northern Hemisphere is something of an endurance test.


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