Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great idea Rosey

I found that if I kept busy and focused on my goal to finish this quilt for the wedding, the daily trip to the mailbox behind the snow shovel could be enjoyable. I just had to keep moving because one shouldn't be out in this cold for long. Goal accomplished and the top should be pictured below. Here's hoping the longarm quilter can do her usual timely magic. The quilt is queen sized pictured on a double bed. I call it Laura's Double Basket because it is a copy of a quilt we inherited from DH's grandmother, Laura and we will be gifting it to his nephew and his bride-to-be, Laura. I love this pattern.

The other reason I was able to make this work was I suggested DH fly to see the granddaughters in Arizona. No interruptions here. Sometime in March we plan to drive the trip there since we have not experienced that and now that he is retired we can take our time. He kept complaining about the cold and jumped at my suggestion to enjoy some warmth and sunshine while I finished this quilt. I hope the girls wore him out and he will need some extra napping because it sure isn't warm here yet. I also hope that groundhog was serious on February 2. That would leave us with only 2 more weeks of this weather. One can hope.


At February 27, 2014 at 2:07 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Love the yellow, Laura, so nice to see such colour on this rather grey day here in southern Ontario, Canada. I wish I had the patience to piece like that.

Today, there has been a 98 car pile-up on one of our major n/s hwys, no injuries as yet known, it's all due to blowing snow.


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