Friday, March 14, 2014

Marion and weather

Was just reading about Cyclone Lusi in the North Island, which will then wend its way down south. I'm wondering where you'll be when it hits either Auckland or Christchurch and hope you are all safe. Also read that the storm you had the other week was a "one in a 100 year storm"? Goodness, you're certainly copping it, aren't you!
And (not expecting an answer yet at all because I know you're busy) just letting you know I have emailed you recently, and wondering if this one turned up at last in the right spot on your email account?

Hoping Bee had a good time (and weather) in Melbourne, and that everyone else reading this (in North America - I think we three are the only 'others' left) is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after such a cold winter.

Four days ago I had my flu and pneumonia jabs in preparation for our upcoming winter ills and chills. I've been walking around with a painful, red, dead upper arm ever since. First time I've had a reaction and I hope it's the last.

Off to vote in our state elections; not looking good for the side I vote for and that's all I'll say about the matter.

Hugs to all,


At March 14, 2014 at 9:24 PM , Blogger Doris W. in TN said...

Fran - there must be something about the particular strain of flu or pneumonia in the vaccination that you really need, if it is reacting so strongly. Stay healthy thru the winter!

At March 15, 2014 at 7:37 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Fran, I reserve judgment on flu and pneumonia shots but lean more to the fact that they are a great money source for pharmaceutical companies and that, here, in Canada, they rely on the 'fear' factor, scaring people into getting flu and pneumonia shots. I've had one flu shot in my life many years ago and was sicker with it than I would have been with the flu. My next door neighbour, who died of COPD, never had pneumonia in her life until she had a pneumonia shot, never smoked but lived with smokers so her lungs, as many of us were in the days of smoking (and still it's present in many lives), were exposed to second hand smoke. Whether the flu shot works or not, whether the pneumonia shot works, I think more research into whether they are an advantage or not, whether they are simply a scare factor in putting money into the pockets of drug companies, I would lean more to the latter than the former. is a place I could suggest going to on the internet to investigate flu and pneumonia shots. Helke lives not far from me, here. Her husband is a urologist/now psychotherapist. She is hugely informative and makes no bones about drug companies and how they can scare people into taking drugs, otherwise, they wouldn't be in the business. Helke is receptive to responding to emails, she knows me as Sandy (Rosey being a nickname), as having a B&B in her general area; perhaps as being a quilter. Ask her if she has any reading material in reference to the shots. Helke suffered from myasina gravis (sp?) many years ago and this is what led her into alternative or complementary medicine even though her husband is a medical doctor. She recently published a book, Creative Outrage, which she has now on the 'net free of charge. The printers used chemicals in the printing process which they should not have done and she pulled the books off the shelves as a result.
You're a retired teacher, you do research, do it on this with Helke and I'm sure you'll find some answers for yourself in whatever material she may suggest reading.

At March 15, 2014 at 7:33 PM , Blogger Fran (Sth Aust) said...

Rosey/Sandy, Thanks for that information! I do believe in vaccination for children's diseases but what you have passed on is very interesting and quite disturbing. I will certainly look into it before deciding what to do next year. Thanks again, Fran

At March 15, 2014 at 10:06 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Fran, there is a mention about the flu vaccines in this article, brief but referred to as "cash cows". We've even had staked signs advertising 'get your flu shot' put out around town, this year. First time I've ever seen something like that...blatant advertising. Rosey


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