Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Encaustic painting.

I had never heard of encaustic painting, until Rosey referred to it, sometime last year.  At the time I Googled for more information and got very enthusiastic about it. I even located an artist here in Canterbury. I loved the sound of the techniques involved and planned to follow it all up.. What happened ? I don't remember...just "life" I suppose, or a warning in my head which told me that I didn't need another messy hobby and that my walls were already covered with "things' !!  Anyway, thank you Rosey for posting the photos !

While some of you are still looking at ice and snow, here we are surrounded by colour.  The lawns and paddocks are a vivid green, following recent rain falls and the trees are changing colour. Not much colour in the garden but a few chrysanths are about to flower.

The friend who had the stroke, will be transferred today to a Rest Home/Hospital.  Her progress has been  minimal and they feel that they can't keep her in hospital any longer.  She can't go home as she needs two people to move her from chair to bed as she is still paralysed along the right side.  She can now swallow, which is great , but is still not able to form words.. She needs 24/7 care.   Two months ago, she left home for an operation, expecting to be home within four days...  How quickly life changes.

Another wet day here so I will be quilting when the basic housework is done ..I am enjoying working on a scrap quilt,I love handling all of the fabrics and making choices about what goes where !

Have a good day.


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