Wednesday, April 23, 2014


"Well  it a lovely Canadian Spring.....4-6+" of snow expected (already falling since last night)."

Heather, for some reason that line makes me smile every time I read it.    ;-)  A lovely Spring is all in one's perspective, eh?

Our weather here has vacillated between 80sF and some chilly days.   As always the fescue lawn is growing so quickly that I can hear it growing, at night.  LOL Mowing every five to six days is not fun. Speaking of which .... I've got to go mow the lawn again today.    Ack.

Rosey - beware those innocent looking bunnies.  They have plans to eat your bedding flowers and drive the dogs mad.  LOL

One of my AOL email accounts got "spoofed" and I've had to change security question and then password.   When I "googled" the problem of people in my address book receiving strange spam emails with nothing but a link,  when the strange emails do not show up in my "Sent" folder (because I certainly did not send them!), this is called "spoofing."  Somehow my contact list was compromised and my email address was faked by these criminals.    Fortunately, I was not truly hacked and did not lose access to my account.
Be sure to change your security question and your passwords often, just in case.

Tree pollen here is quite heavy, as is normal.   In two more weeks, the worst will be over and I can mow grass without a dust mask and playing golf will be on my calendar.  Summer will be here before we know it!

Hugs to everyone!


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