Sunday, May 25, 2014

Checking in .... and "fidget quilts"

The polar vortex is gone from Tennessee and summer is here.   We had little transition and I'm not acclimating well to the heat and humidity.  Perhaps age has something to do with it?

DH and I were in Kohler, Wisconsin,  ten days ago and we woke up to 34°F on Friday morning!! The polar vortex was much harsher up there than here in Tenn.  I was amazed that a small fraction of their trees were just starting to get leaves. 

 I took a  tour of the Kohler factory there and my inner geek just loved it.   We started in the potter/porcelain area, where toilets, lavatory sinks, etc. are made, then we moved on to the cast iron foundry and saw them pour the bases for kitchen sinks, tubs, and  learned (as well as saw)  how the enamel is applied.   Last, we went through the brass foundry, saw brass poured into moulds, polishing process, etc.  It lasted three hours, was quite in-depth, and I had brain overload from all the information.      The tours are free, walked in and around the actual factory, and it was wonderful.

OUR DGD IS NOW EIGHT months old and, of course, we are having fun watching her grow up.  Learning to make children's clothing is a new skill, but it goes faster and uses less fabric than my own garment projects.   :-)
When she is a bit older, I am going to make her a crib quilt with the 3-D pinwheels block design.  That will be a lot of fun and hopefully she'll carry it around with her.

FIDGET QUILTS --- The newest issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine has an article on Fidget Quilts for Alzheimer's/Dementia patients.  I've never heard of these quilts, but am going to make one for a woman who was in our Sunday School class and is now in 24-hr full care unit.  I asked her husband and he had never heard of them, but confirmed that her hands are fidgeting and welcomed the idea of me making one for her.  The QNM article has wonderful ideas and photos to get my creative thoughts going.  A Google search had more great ideas.
--->  Do  any of y'all have experience in making these, and ideas to share? 

SARA IN FL --- do you remember meeting my friend who attended the J'ville quilt show with me, when I met you almost 2 or 3 years ago? She died a few weeks ago, and that was a brief four(!) weeks after a diagnosis of stage 3 multiple myeloma.  It's amazing how quickly our lives can change.

ROSEY P - Your hen house is beautiful!  I love the colors, but why wouldn't I.... you have a true gift for color use.   It would make a lovely playhouse for a child.

Gotta go .... Hugs to everyone!


At May 26, 2014 at 3:12 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Doris, good to see you posting again and back home to comment on the polar vortex which I had not heard of before. In my ignorance somehow I think of polar as being at both ends of this earth. As to the hen house, the sad tale of it is that I kept chickens for 14 years but when himself became ill, which lasted several years, I couldn't cope with the chickens and him. His brother, a lawyer, said, I should have kept the chickens and gotten rid of you-know-who...but you'd have to know the family, it's all said in jest. Doesn't come across in print that way. Himself would laugh at that remark too and has.


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