Saturday, November 21, 2009


Joleen, can I come too? Sounds wonderful and beats spending two days on your feet in the kitchen only to have the dinner scarfed down in about an hour. Prior to Al's death and that of his parents the dinner had to be squeezed in between football games or else we had to have the TV on and no one visited except during the commercials. I always resented that since I'm not a football fan but was outvoted. I really resented it when they started playing football on Christmas day. I insisted he pick the game that meant the most to him and otherwise it was to be a family day.

My menu was the traditional one with the addition of my mother's usual creamed onions. It was a favorite of my family. I remember her pealing the little white onions. I just bought them in a jar and made the white sauce. I did learn from an English guest to add a bit of Worcestershire sauce to the white sauce. That was a great suggestion. Now I wait for someone to invite me to their house and I bring a salad or pie. This year it's a pumpkin pie.


Pumpkin pie baking for Thanksgiving

must have already started because there have not been many posts over the last few days. Our Thanksgiving tradition is probably a bit different from most. We go to a resort in Brainard MN - about 4 hours north of here - and relax. They have a wonderful buffet on Thanksgiving day, a huge pool area with lots of games for kids, a family carnival on Friday afternoon, family entertainment in the evenings. Our favorite books store is located in Nisswa, about 7 miles from Brainard, so we always head there on Friday to pick up a few new books and enjoy the "official" start of the Christmas season with Nisswa's Christmas lighting ceremony. We started going there when DD was about 5 and she is 17--I think the only year we missed was the year we went to Hawaii instead. Last year I took my machine and set up shop in the pool area. I sewed all day while DH read and DD and our exchange student swam, played pool, video games, etc. all in the pool area. This year there are 16 of us going - should be fun. We love to entertain but also enjoy having someone else do the planning, the cleaning, the prep and the dishes! Joleen in MN

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

After I signed off, thought --humm, what are other people's Thanksgiving traditions? Did we discuss this last year?
Do you call that bread/cornbread mixture Stuffing or Dressing?
Do you get together with friends/family/ go out to eat?
I'm baking Pumpkin, Apple and Pecan pies. I have a GF bringing a Mrs. Smith's pie, and other people are bringing side dishes.
So, what about the Canadians? I know you celebrate in Oct., but do you do the same type of food?
Sara in Fla.
PS-Rosey-I have given up on pie crust, using Pillisbury. Somehow it is just better, and less flour on the floor.

Glad to see WWQP again

I had almost given up seeing the BB ever again. Glad my cyber friends are in touch again.
LAURA- I too was unaware, so glad you are OK. I know the "waiting" game is the worst!
We planned a kayak trip for over a month. Finally did go over to the Tally, Pessacola area of Fla. on Thur. last. The rains from IDA had dumped lots of water, so even though the sky was blue, air cool, the river we wanted to kayak in was swollen over the banks, and across the road. The State Park people wern't even on duty that day. The water was only about 2 ft. under some of the bridges.
So, we went on to the Yellow River. Didn't know Fla. had one. The current was swift, but we paddled about 2 hours against it. It only took us about 2o min. to come back in the swift current.
I had been having acid reflux off and on for over a year, and boy, it hit me like a ton of bricks on Fri. night. GERD is a new word I have learned. Not fun. Went to my favorite nurse practictioner, who told me all about the chemistry of acid in the stomach, etc. Long story short, I can eat things other than apple sauce now. It was a rough few days.
GOOD NEWS! I have finished my DD's quilt. The scalloped borders came out great. Just have to think of a catchy label to put on it, and it will hit the US Mail after Thanksgiving day.
We are having an early Thanksgiving this Sunday evening. Going to invite the single, divorced, widows, etc. Should have about 12 or 13 here.
I got out all the inherited silverware yesterday (keep it in the bank safe deposit box) and will give it a shine up tomorrow. Going to have the traditional turkey, etc.
Sara in Fla.

On Table Runners

I forgot to mention the fabrics in the two table runners are by new young fabric designers. The first, Bluebird Dishes, is by Stephanie Brandenburg for Camelot Cottons, a Canadian fabric company. Stephanie is from South Amana, Iowa. The second, Shade Garden, is by Michelle Engel Bencsko for Henry Glass. Michelle also has designed and marketed an organic line of cottons with a friend of hers. I feel both gals have unique looks we haven't seen in the fabric world previously.

Yes, Jane it is a great relief to get the results I got. As you all know that waiting is difficult, but I tried to keep positive thoughts. Thanks again.