Monday, February 18, 2013

Checking in on Monday evening

Burrr!  We have had temps. falling like a rock.  Sat. about 12 noon the winds picked up, and things got cold.  It was 30 Sat. night, 28, then 25 last night.  I did a 1 and 1/2 mile walk this morning, all bundled up.  The sun was out all day, so it warmed up to about 60 later in the afternoon.
I got the stitches out of my back this morning.  It feels SO good not to have stitches in.  They itched.
(Basal cell skin cancer)   This was my 11th skin cancer, if I keep this up I can catch up with DH!  Not that I want to.
Speaking of DH he made a quick trip to south Fla. Sat. and back Sun.  Several of the police officers he worked with had a reunion, his first time going.  I encouraged him to go, several of them have died in the last few years, and you never know when you will see the old friends again.  I do credit clean living for him doing so well over the last 30 years.  One friend died of alcoholism, another alcohol and smoking, another had a liver disease, and I don't know how the 4th one died.
The last week has been extra busy for me.  It feels like I'm running all over the county. 
QUESTION--any of you do juicing?  I'm talking kale, carrots, other vegs.  I need to buy a good quality juicer, and don't want to waste money.  I'm thinking this would be a good way to get more veggies.  I have seen a nutritionist/ herb specialist once or twice, but she is a long drive away, and I'm not sure I want to keep driving so far.  With the price of gas going to $3.75 as of today, an extra 50 miles is something I want to think long and hard about.
I'm making yo-yo's for my "Tree 'O Life" quilt.  Something I can do while watching TV.
Anyone watch the last of Dal. Abby last night?  I saw the first hour, then went to bed about 10:00pm, will get the rest On Demand later this evening.  I will miss it.  Loved the costumes!
Time for my salad.
Sara in chilly Fla.

Monday morning

And we r having a snowy one.... Not sure whether this will let me post.... But thot I would try...busy with the grandsons, but getting quilting time as well.  Our winter hasn't been totally horrible and with another few weeks left we should be able to get thru it

Ok off to try and post this and if it does I will try to get back....

Hugs to all ,