Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back among the living today

Tuesday I did something really stupid.  (not that I thought so at the time)  Was in the back yard doing some spray painting on some louver shutters I picked up off a trash pile.  Going to make them white to take to beach condo, then add some beach accents.  Didn't remember to put on a mask.  It was a nice sunny day, small breeze.  About 2Am I had a screaming sinus headach.  Took 2 extra strength Tylonol.  About 4 AM got up and started the migraine throwing up.  Yuck!  Threw up for hours, lay on couch so I wouldn't wake up DH.  Finally at 7 AM I forgot (didn't have the 2 seconds) to close the bathroom door and he heard me.  Slept most of the day yesterday, most all night, and feel like a real person today. 
Now I have 2 1/2 finished shutters in the back yard.  Half white, half beige wood.  At some point they will be done, but surely not this week.
We are supposed to have a rainy Sat. and Sunday, most likely the snow storm that is in the mid-west now.  So, I'm taking it easy for a few days.  I have 1 or 2 seams to do in the "Tree 'O Life quilt top, and hope to get that ready for the long arm person soon.  (Yipee!)
Took my Mom an Easter basket, chocolate eggs, and a few decorations for her room this morning.
Sara in Fla.  where it is sunny and about 60 degrees

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Maybe a change in the weather

We have been having the strangest weather this year.  Below 0*F lows all of January with ice frozen into the ground.  The tenth coldest January since they started keeping records in 1865.  Warm February, warmer March so far.  This morning was 19*F.  High was 59!  The thing that's made it very strange is that the humidity today was 7%.  That's percent.  No wonder we are all itching and scratching.

Tomorrow we are predicted to have high winds and maybe thunderstorms in the afternon.  However, the mountains will be getting three to five inches of snow.  Go figure.

Anyone really think they want to change places?  Of course, those storms will all be making their way to the east in the next few days.  Maybe then the daffodils that have poked their heads up will be able to bloom.


Cabin Fever

Got it bad here! I thought this winter would just be normal since we were not lucky enough to have the one we had last year (mild and wonderful). However, we started with weekend snows in early December and they have continued nearly nonstop, even to this past Sunday. The storms have rolled in on Sunday night with the weather guessers only able to give us three predicted storm scenarios to choose from. That means DH has had to rise early Monday morning to determine school attendance for his district. They have 5 days to make up at the end of the year so far. We have a total seasonal snow fall of over 40" - above average and temps this month 20 degrees below average. I know someone somewhere has it worse than we do but I am not exactly sure where. Wednesday is the first day of Spring. I would settle for the normal 50F temps, but they are not being forecast. :<(

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring time

I think I've figured out how to post from the I-pad.  The little keyboard that sits under it works, where the keyboard on the screen wouldn't.  Don't know why!  My spelling isn't any better.
DH is on another "lets move to the ocean" kick.  I am starting to come around.  Although a condo isn't exactly what I had in mind, I would love a 1 story villa, but I haven't found any in an area we want to retire in.
We are waiting (not very patiently) for DSIL to get his Master's degree.   He should get it in about 4 more weeks.  From there he has to be hired someplace.  We are hoping that he will get his dream job, which will remain nameless at this point.  But it is based in North Carolina, near Asheville.
When DH retires, and sells the business in about 16 months, we could spend 9 months here, and 3 months in the mountains there.  (My dream, no guarantee)  So, I just got a handyman to repair the back door and put new weather strip on the front door.  I bought paint this morning at Lowe's to paint the back door brown and the front door a cranberry red.  I'm hoping I can get the handyman to do the back, the front is solid, and much easier, I've done it twice since we have lived here.  We have the master bedroom in cranberry with white trim, and some cranberry print sofa, chairs so that color would be a good blend.
We have had Spring showers today, and the AC is back on.  The pollen has been worse this year than I ever remember it.  Eye drops, neti pot, and allergy meds are my friends for another 30 days or so.
Been chugging along on the applique quilt.  Buttonhole stitch on the vines and flowers, which do look nice.  They are in blue/greens in batik prints.  Have tons of the stuff and need to use it up.
Just finished the home made chicken salad, so off to nap time.  The daylight "savings" time always drives me crazy for a few weeks.
Sara in Fla.

No cabin fever here

I've been absorbed in a new quilt project and haven't known the day or the month or the date it seems.  As you can see, we still have snow.  Trying to get Annie & Megs posed together is a bit of a problem.  Annie was trying to get the treat in my hands and Meg was intently sure she was not about to get it.  The red in the background is the snow blower.  We couldn't get out of our laneway without it after a heavy snowfall.  I'm still waiting for another storm or two and then I'll be happy to let winter go.  It's a very pretty time of year here.
Doris, I have no idea what laser tag is but I can imagine.  Can you describe it.
Off early this morning to my volunteer work till noon, dogs need to go out, breakfast taken into account, theirs and mine.
Glad to see your post, Heather, those boys of yours are busy as beavers keeping you in making quilts for their babies.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laser Tag!

Kathi in Idaho - 70° in Idaho, in March,  is rather unusual, no?  Weather patterns are very unpredictable lately.

We all had a blast at laser tag!   Most of us went just so we could say we have played laser tag, and   ended up having more fun than we anticipated.   My score was pathetic ;-) and I cannot remember laughing to much in ages.  We all saw each other in SundaySchool class this a.m. and laughed again over the whole thing.   One session only lasts ten minutes, and that was enough for me.  I was tuckered out.   Beforehand, we all went to one home and had the best enchiladas ever.  Everyone else brought a dish, margaritas were served, and cupcakes for dessert.    I think this is why we couldn't move too quickly at laser tag, later on. 
I think I need a nap this afternoon.    :-D

Hugs to everyone!

Must be spring fever!

We have been VERY quiet on this board.  Even Rosey hasn't been around lately.  Is everyone else having spring fever?

Our weather has been much like yours, Doris.  Way warmer than normal for this time of year.  We hit 70*F earlier this week.  Today is supposed to be cooler and is quite windy.

For those of you who remember my story about our dog Murphy, he is continuing to improve after his accident in October.  We had some scary times over the past months, as his rear leg dislocated several times.  Finally almost six weeks ago the orthopedic surgeon did a total hip replacement on him.  Those are becoming fairly common among four legged dogs, but for a tripod it's not a usual surgery.  So far Murphy is tromping along just as if nothing had happened.  He is still under "house arrest".  Stays in a little pen in the living room when he's in the house and goes outside only under leash and harness restraint.  Another two weeks and he can start physical therapy.  Two months after that, and the implant should have good bone ingrowth and he will be able to go about his business on his own.  We can't wait.  Neither can Murphy.  He has spring fever worse than all the rest of us combined.

On the quilting front, I've been working on defeating some UFOs and also putting together some charity quilts.  Those will go to a group in Colorado called There with Care.  It was started by one of my DDs high school friends.    Here is a link to a Redbook story on her and the organization.

Off to see what I can get into for the rest of the day.