Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring time

I think I've figured out how to post from the I-pad.  The little keyboard that sits under it works, where the keyboard on the screen wouldn't.  Don't know why!  My spelling isn't any better.
DH is on another "lets move to the ocean" kick.  I am starting to come around.  Although a condo isn't exactly what I had in mind, I would love a 1 story villa, but I haven't found any in an area we want to retire in.
We are waiting (not very patiently) for DSIL to get his Master's degree.   He should get it in about 4 more weeks.  From there he has to be hired someplace.  We are hoping that he will get his dream job, which will remain nameless at this point.  But it is based in North Carolina, near Asheville.
When DH retires, and sells the business in about 16 months, we could spend 9 months here, and 3 months in the mountains there.  (My dream, no guarantee)  So, I just got a handyman to repair the back door and put new weather strip on the front door.  I bought paint this morning at Lowe's to paint the back door brown and the front door a cranberry red.  I'm hoping I can get the handyman to do the back, the front is solid, and much easier, I've done it twice since we have lived here.  We have the master bedroom in cranberry with white trim, and some cranberry print sofa, chairs so that color would be a good blend.
We have had Spring showers today, and the AC is back on.  The pollen has been worse this year than I ever remember it.  Eye drops, neti pot, and allergy meds are my friends for another 30 days or so.
Been chugging along on the applique quilt.  Buttonhole stitch on the vines and flowers, which do look nice.  They are in blue/greens in batik prints.  Have tons of the stuff and need to use it up.
Just finished the home made chicken salad, so off to nap time.  The daylight "savings" time always drives me crazy for a few weeks.
Sara in Fla.


At March 18, 2013 at 10:27 PM , Blogger Kathi in Idaho said...

I guess that's why I can't post from the iPad. I don't have the extra keyboard. Not sure why it should make a difference, but it sure seems to.



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