Monday, March 18, 2013

No cabin fever here

I've been absorbed in a new quilt project and haven't known the day or the month or the date it seems.  As you can see, we still have snow.  Trying to get Annie & Megs posed together is a bit of a problem.  Annie was trying to get the treat in my hands and Meg was intently sure she was not about to get it.  The red in the background is the snow blower.  We couldn't get out of our laneway without it after a heavy snowfall.  I'm still waiting for another storm or two and then I'll be happy to let winter go.  It's a very pretty time of year here.
Doris, I have no idea what laser tag is but I can imagine.  Can you describe it.
Off early this morning to my volunteer work till noon, dogs need to go out, breakfast taken into account, theirs and mine.
Glad to see your post, Heather, those boys of yours are busy as beavers keeping you in making quilts for their babies.


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