Saturday, March 16, 2013


Oh my,  today's high was 74°F.   Bradford pear trees are starting to bloom, along with other flowering trees. We get spoiled very quickly!  Colder weather and rain return tomorrow and jolt us back to reality.

I've made two skirts for DDIL and having fun, experimenting with various versions of the maternity stretch panel.     Who knew this could be so much fun?!?   DDIl is so tiny that I feel like I'm making doll clothes.  

DH and I are off to play Laser Tag tonight.   Our fellowship group from our SundaySchool class is going as our activity this month.   We are all the same age and have the same arthritis, etc.   ;o)  Should be lots of fun anyway,  (I hope-LOL) with all us old folks trying to keep up with the younger ones.   As the young people way,  YOLO!  (you only live once)   Our son is cracking up over his parents (!) going to play laser tag.   Well, it's our job to keep him awake and on his toes.    :-)        I think he told us our curfew is 11:00 p.m.
BwaHahahahaaaa!    Don't be surprise if I spend more time near the soft drink machine, instead.  


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