Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laser Tag!

Kathi in Idaho - 70° in Idaho, in March,  is rather unusual, no?  Weather patterns are very unpredictable lately.

We all had a blast at laser tag!   Most of us went just so we could say we have played laser tag, and   ended up having more fun than we anticipated.   My score was pathetic ;-) and I cannot remember laughing to much in ages.  We all saw each other in SundaySchool class this a.m. and laughed again over the whole thing.   One session only lasts ten minutes, and that was enough for me.  I was tuckered out.   Beforehand, we all went to one home and had the best enchiladas ever.  Everyone else brought a dish, margaritas were served, and cupcakes for dessert.    I think this is why we couldn't move too quickly at laser tag, later on. 
I think I need a nap this afternoon.    :-D

Hugs to everyone!


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