Sunday, March 17, 2013

Must be spring fever!

We have been VERY quiet on this board.  Even Rosey hasn't been around lately.  Is everyone else having spring fever?

Our weather has been much like yours, Doris.  Way warmer than normal for this time of year.  We hit 70*F earlier this week.  Today is supposed to be cooler and is quite windy.

For those of you who remember my story about our dog Murphy, he is continuing to improve after his accident in October.  We had some scary times over the past months, as his rear leg dislocated several times.  Finally almost six weeks ago the orthopedic surgeon did a total hip replacement on him.  Those are becoming fairly common among four legged dogs, but for a tripod it's not a usual surgery.  So far Murphy is tromping along just as if nothing had happened.  He is still under "house arrest".  Stays in a little pen in the living room when he's in the house and goes outside only under leash and harness restraint.  Another two weeks and he can start physical therapy.  Two months after that, and the implant should have good bone ingrowth and he will be able to go about his business on his own.  We can't wait.  Neither can Murphy.  He has spring fever worse than all the rest of us combined.

On the quilting front, I've been working on defeating some UFOs and also putting together some charity quilts.  Those will go to a group in Colorado called There with Care.  It was started by one of my DDs high school friends.    Here is a link to a Redbook story on her and the organization.

Off to see what I can get into for the rest of the day.



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