Saturday, July 25, 2015

So it worked!  Glad to see my comments posted.    Wasn't sure I could get back to this point.  Have had a really bad week.  Bad for me anyway.  One of my uncles passed away.  He was my favorite.  Uncle Ken would have been 94 on Friday.  He passed on Tuesday.  He was a wonderful man who had the best laugh you could ever hear.  When you were speaking with him, he gave you his undivided attention.  Then the day after that happened, my next door neighbor and close friend passed away.  Kathryn would have been 87 in august.  She was very frail, weighed 98 pounds!  In poor health for several years.  She loved music!  If you could recite a few of the words to any of the old songs, she could sing the song.  Fantastic memory!    The frosting on the cake so to speak for this week was a migraine for me.  I don't get those very often, but this one was a hum dinger.  It is gone now, thankfully!
To offer some quilting news, I am working on a pink and white scrap quilt.  Just a simple nine patch set on point and sashed with a white on white fabric.  I don't do a lot of sewing anymore, but this one will be for me.  Once it is all sewn together I will have it machine quilted.  That brings to mind that when I started the early 1970's machine quilting was frowned upon.  Machine quilted quilts were not allowed into quilt shows!  At the book store the other day, I noticed all the different quilt magazines, must have been at least a dozen.  Used to be Quilters Newsletter was the only magazine available and you were hard pressed to find a book on quilting.  So much has changed in this last 45  years.  Just saying 45  years does not seem possible so much time has gone by so fast. 

Well, my trip down memory lane has to stop here.  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend
Pat in Flint

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Very Hot here, big thunderstorms

Good to hear of Fran's updates and the moving plans.
I am finally settling down a bit from the big move back in March.  Lots calmer, and sort-a-feeling like home.
Yesterday afternoon at 4PM we had a thunder/lighting storm like I've never seen in the 40 plus years of living in Florida.  (Of course I wasn't on the 12th story with lots of windows before).  Several hours of big lighning bolts, heavy sideways rain, it almost sounded like hail.
There was even a small fire on the beach from the lightning, acording to the 6pm news.  Guess the grass caught fire.
We drove to Orlando airport on Sat. afternoon to pick up our grandsons and 1 friend.  They are at their cousins' house right now and will be here tonight. They have been boating, paddle boarding, go-cart racing, etc.  Hope they won't think the pool and ocean are to calm for them here-LOL.  If I ride a bike 5 miles up and down that's all my excitement.  But I'm not 15 either.
Finished a quilt top early this morning.  This is for the 1 DGS for his Christmas gift.  Will to the top of the other one, then take them to be quilted.
Was hoping to move my mother closer to a nursing home closer to me, but the only one who would even accept her has a 6 month waiting list.  Know her though, she could still be with us in 6 months!
Right now I'm only seeing her once a week, and would like to see her more often.  She would like it too, but it doesn't seem to be in the works.
Sara in hot, humid Florida

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I am going to give this a try.  Much to my surprise just today I had an email from Eric inviting me to be a member of this blog!!  So I have followed the prompts and am going to post this just to see if it really works.  Not that I am a doubting Thomas, but here goes
Pat in Flint on a hot humid sunday