Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday morning and the daylight is trying to break thru .....not a big fan of January .....always glad when it is over....   Been busy with grandsons.....our family has seen some upsetting changes in it during 2013 and settling our minds and relationships with all of it and each other takes a toll.... But we move forward and do the best we can....

 Today was suppose to be a quilting day out but trudging thru the snow and slush just doesn't give me the motivation to do that so I shall just stay and play here......

Sara....glad the vein surgery went well.....I have some decisions in that area to make in the near future.  

Mary Jo.......I admire so much how u  are dealing with all the changes in your life....sending hugs

Laura...that quilt is beautiful......and yes having DH retired does change things on the home front.....not always the way we has taken us a long time to make that adjustment and for me to claim my time back.....

Off to claim some of it now... ,

Newest quilt finish

I feel a little boring and mostly lazy. It's a shame because I do enjoy reading all the goings on among the quilters. Life changes and evolves not unlike this board. Since this group was my first on line connection with quilters a feel a kinship and always check in for updates.

DH fully retired this August so many of you know the changes going on in my home. I yearn for more time in the quilt studio. How long will it take for the adjustments? We have done considerably more traveling. Many visits to the kids and grand kids and catching up with old friends and relatives. Along with retirement we are dealing with issues of pain and numbness for DH and no answers or solutions as yet. That and the usual aging issues get old rather quickly.

This is my latest quilt finish for my BFF. I finished it after Christmas but forgot to photograph the finished quilt. Forgive the cluttered photo.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

From mary Jo G

We are being very quiet, Sara. Would love to hear from more of the group. Our snow is gone! We wake to freezing fog each morning sculpting all in white frost. Driving is worse than when there is ice, we need visibility. It burns off by noon or so making all sunny and bright. Temps are in the low 40s then, warm enough to take the cat out on his leash. He is a much nicer cat after a bit of time outside. ;>) Brooke's (grand daughter) calendar quilt (10 separate small ones for each month of Aug - May) will become 2 quilts. One for my daughter will follow completion of this one. It should be much easier to make now that I have patterns. DD has often said she doesn't understand why I don't make the patterns first. Guess it is the difference between right and left brained people. I don't know what it will be until it is done and then can make a pattern. Since I don't like to make the same thing twice, a pattern is not often needed. Things are changing daily here. Not in a good way, sad to say. DH is failing and I suspect Hospice is the next move. Will talk with his primary about it next week. Coping is interesting to say the least. Some changes are OK. Whatever I serve for dinner is 'the best he's had in a long time' matter if it is leftovers. Wish I were as optimistic. It is very difficult to watch him disappear bit by bit. The long goodbye is an apt name for dementia. On a brighter note, Saving Mr. Banks is a wonderful movie. Tom Hanks could have been the center of it all as Walt Disney. Instead, he stepped back and let the story unfold using many characters. Colin Farrel and the child who played Emma Thompson's part as a girl deserve big awards. As the daughter of an alcoholic, I saw many truths in this film and a resolution not often found. Shed a few tears but thought it was the best. Have already broken my NY resolution to finish a UFO before starting anything new. A good diversion is on the design wall, growing daily. Blessings, MaryJo

my own blog

There is so little activity on the board I feel like Rosey and I have our own person board with an occasional comment by Doris & others. I have vein surgery on both legs this week and am bandged up from groin to ankles. Not any pain, just a bit uncomfortable. Get to take the pressure bandages off tomorrow and take a shower. My DD and boys are all staying home today because of high winds in N.D. School has be called off, and she can't get out of her driveway for all the blowing snow. Back to the legs-Right considered "medically necessary" as the valves by the ankle wern't opening and closing properly, and the blue bulgy ones on the left leg are "cosmetic" --go figure. Anyway, had very good care. Just taking Tylonol for the mild pain, and not much of it. I finished the binding on the 2nd boy's quilt, will make a pillow case today to go with it. My cleaning lady is here, and I need to get out of her way :). Has anyone heard from Jane in N.C. or Anna in Spain? Was wondering how they are doing. Sara in sunny, but cold Fla.