Saturday, March 22, 2014

Checking in on Sat. afternoon

It's been a while since I've posted, trying to remember what I just read. Have the corner of my Mom's quilt soaking in some "Oxi-Clean", some mystery stain. At first I thought it was blood, but soaking it overnight in cold water & detergent only lightened it a bit. Now I'm thinking it could be grape juice. Had to make a quick trip to Wally-mart to get the Oxi, wow, prices of everything have jumped up! Flu-shots--I swear by them! In the early 80's when I was working in West Palm Beach for the Probation & Parole office I got several years of terrible flu. Shaking hands and having a person sign papers with your pen, when they have just gotten out of jail, no telling what germs they had. One year I wound up in the ER in the middle of the night. Of course that was the weekend my DH was out of town at a convention, bad memories. If you arn't dealing with the public, or have a strong immune system maybe you could skip them, but I always get them. Being in the nursing home several days a week now there are lots of germs floating around. Weather- crazy everywhere! On Mon. the 17th we had rain like in Ireland. Only heavy! All day with just a 20 break in the morning when I put dogs on leash and dashed out. Had McCann's Irish oatmeal for breakfast, and made shepherd's pie for dinner that night. (hamburger meat, not lamb) Good news! DD and the 4 grandsons are flying here the end of May for a 2 week visit. I told her that wasn't sure we would still be in the house or not, but DSIL asked his parents if worst case all could spend a few nights there. They will fly to Sanford, Fla. near Orlando and we will take 2 cars to go get them. DSIL can't get the time off, as he just started his new job. Guess that means they will be in North Dakota for a year or so more, maybe always. His side of the family is having a family reunion in Cabo (south tip of Mexico) at the end of June and all 6 of them plan to fly there for a week. His sister and BIL are paying for the tickets there, as we are to fly them here. They have to buy 5 passports, which is about $600. Only DSIL had a current one. Spent the morning trying on Spring/Summer dresses, etc. Due to Celiac I have lost about 35 lbs! The 14 and 16 sizes are all to big. Now in a 10-12, can take a few in, will donate the ones I never liked too much to local charity. There was more, but had a glass of very sweet wine yesterday, went to St. Augustine for the afternoon with friends. Usually white wine doesn't give me a headache, but still feeling the effects. Up several times in the night, so am taking a nap while DH has gone to a "guy" movie with his best buddy. Sara in Fla.

Monday, March 17, 2014

From Mary Jo

Good Morning,
   It is a rainy one here.  Daffodils and a pixie tulip are up and blooming with the pansies and primroses.  Spring may actually be here! 
   Have made it through the first week.  Thank you to all who commented and gave advice.  I'm trying your suggestions.  They help.
   My almost first order of business was to reclaim the bedroom.  It had become a hospital setting.  With all the equipment removed, it seemed big.  I found a small blue wingback chair at a consignment shop for the corner by the fireplace. Hung a favorite quilt there.  Brought down a lamp and side table from upstairs and have a reading corner.  Small changes but they do make a difference.  Otherwise, when I opened my eyes each morning, I saw DH lying in the hospital bed even though he was gone.
   DD asked me to promise to go out each day if only for a cuppa.  That has been an easy promise to keep.  I feel better after.  DS asked me to stay away from the cat shelter for at least a month.  He said he could just see me dropping in to adopt a new kitty every day and ending up the crazy cat lady. Not going to happen.  Fred still reigns as a solo king here.  I might foster some later, though.
Thank you for caring.