Wednesday, October 19, 2011

checking in . . .

Last month, my DH had a convention in Florida, and after I got back home I haven't come up for air until now. Also, I got to meet our BB Chat board's own Sara in FL while we were down there!!! :-) She had told me about a quilt show nearby, during some emails before our trip, and I was lucky enough to get to meet Sara at the show! It's always nice to meet a fellow BB'er and this was another wonderful opportunity for me. Sara was surprised at how tall I am (LOL) but there is no way to know it from the internet. :-)

The quilt show was wonderful. (Thank you again, Sara, for telling me about it!) Oh my, what gorgeous quilts. The Florida influence was a delightful treat for the eyes. Most of the quilts had bright, sunny colors, there were a lot of beach themes, palm trees, shells, all very normal for this part of the country. It was visually refreshing because they were so different from what we make in my own area.

A friend of mine came along (we only see each other at these conventions and related trips) and even though she is not a quilter, she wanted more time to see all the quilts. I was more than happy to oblige, and then we had to run back to the convention, as our DHs were getting out of sessions and we each had our plans with the hubbies.
Florida was nice, but humid. My hair went crazy.(LOL) I had a lovely time taking beach walks every day, and saw a waterspout one day, several miles away from the shore. We had great food and a very nice time.

After we got home, I started making baby gifts. A friend of mine is going to be a first-time grandmother, so I made some burp cloths, then embroidered them and a bib.
My DIL's sister is due to have her baby this week, so I machine embroidered some bibs, as a baby gift for her and her DH for those times the grandchild comes to visit them. This is all really practice for me, in case I am ever a grandmother one day. Finding good pre-folded cloth diapers (for the burp cloths) is getting to be a challenge. I cleaned out one Target shelf of their "Premium 6-ply" type and am glad I did. What they now carry has a layer of polyester in the middle section.....and the lightweight birdseye ones are rather flimsy and won't catch much baby spitup, IMO. DH wondered why I was buying all these diapers, poor man, and I explained that I need a diaper stash! He rolled his eyes and surrendered. LOL

Rosey P - How is Jock mending? The whole experience sounds frightening, but it will give him something to talk about for a long time, but something you would rather not have ever happened, I am sure. And poor Geordie! Is he good as new, or did his stroke disable him a bit? I often wondered if Alex had suffered some TIA strokes, what with his dementia and all.

Cold weather here today! 47F is our high and we might see some frost over the next few nights. Good grief,,, it was 84F on Sunday! I've been putting away summer clothes and bringing down the winter stuff.

Well,,, miss Sophie is giving me "the look". The one that says, "I dont'care if it's 47F outside, I neeeeed to go out." Oh the joys of being owned by a dog.
Hugs to everyone, and stay warm!


Glad to hear that all is relatively okay. Funny How we always talk about "It could have been so much worse" as if this was not " worse " enough.
I'll be thinking about you and " my" prayers will be for both of you.
Well I sort of met Pamela Allen last night and you are right Rosey, she is a hoot.She did a trunk show at our guild and we really had some great laughs and chuckles as she described some of her work.
Her work is very unique and although I know I will likely never try anything like it I did manage to pick up some great ideas for machine quilting(if I ever get kind of good)
She does some beautiful work
Back to lunch
See you later

Oh, Rosey, so sorry

Gosh. He is lucky to be alive. Hopefully he will stay "grounded" for a while.
Maybe you could quilt him a padded head piece. In case he has any more head bumps.
Raining "soft" rain today. We never got the big downpours yesterday, just off and on. Supposed to be colder as the day goes on. I'm sure ready.
Sara in Fla.


So sorry to hear of Jock's hard landing. My brother goes up gliding so can imagine how you feel .He really has been very lucky.I am of the opinion if we were meant to fly we would have our own permanent wings. Poor Geordie growing old is hard for all of us, has he been left with any weakness? At his age it will be hard to tell. Hugs to all, Bee, in very cold and wet NZ.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Oh goodness, Rosey. What a terrible thing to happen!! I'm so glad that Jock escaped serious injury and is doing OK. It must have been a terrible time for you also, waiting to find out how he was. Hope the stroke hasn't affected Geordie too badly.
Thinking of you all,

I guess many of us live our lives without saying much publicly on the board. We all have our ups and downs that we don't share here but when Sara asked where everyone was, I posted that we were getting ready for winter, which we are. Two weeks ago, Oct. 5th, at 6 pm I received a call from the glider club. There had been an accident with the tow plane. Himself was the chief tow pilot that day. His passion and pasttime is not without an element of knowing that this could happen. When a tow plane tows the glider up into the air, the glider takes off before the tow plane lifts off. If the person flying the glider does not control the glider and it goes too high, it can tip the tow plane, lifting the tail, sending the plane nose down, killing the tow pilot. In this case, the gas did not get through to the engine and at 250' himself released the glider he was towing and at 300' the engine cut out. He brought the tow plane down as he had some glide ratio and came in short of the airfield, instead coming in too low over the gravel road leading into the airfield. The front landing wheels crumpled and the fuselage went into the ditch, taking the hit. He's lucky to be alive. He has a deep gash above his right eye, which has been nicely stitched up, two black eyes, all of which are receding. Other than that, although I am concerned about any possible neurological damage, he did not have a concussion and seems okay. Three days before, Geordie, our 15 yr. old plus, Aussie had a stroke. He's not in too bad shape now either.

I'm not posting this for any measure of sympathy but it will explain 'where I was'...dealing with everyday issues that thankfully, turned out much better than they might have.


Hi everybody

It seems that Grace and Rosy are preparing for winter. Can't imagine cutting all that wood.
Right now we are having rain from the tropical system that followed me from So. Fla. yesterday.
Tomorrow is supposed to be windy, but yesterday was breezy. We need rain so badly that I won't complain.
My Mom is somewhat better. They decided not to put in a pacemaker. She is very weak, and can not feed herself. Today they are moving her to re-hab to get he back walking with the walker, etc. She will not do it otherwise. Her lungs are getting better thanks to antibiotics. So, it looks like she is going to pull though this one. Will spend a week or more in rehab.
I took some hand work to do while sitting in the hospital, but wound up watching TV and reading a book instead. I was so glad to be home. Slept well in my own bed last night. My brother keeps the house about 78 or 80, and I can hardly breathe. In the middle of the night I got up and turned the AC down to 72. Got a few hrs. of sleep then.
OK, going to do laundry and maybe go to yoga class if the rain isn't too hard.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello Rosey (and all readers,)
Thanks for keeping us in mind. We are also getting ready for winter. The wood is all in , in fact we have been burning some. Today is the first day though that I have had the stove going since morning. The wind is cold and it is misty and just yuck.
We are still plowing through all the appointments. Tomorrow is a main and important one. He has had his MRI and the neurologist has called to make an appointment so then we will know what is up. The opthamologist that saw him is pretty sure that he had a small stroke , in fact he is pretty sure that this was not John's first one. He suspects that he has had quite a few. They MRI will tell them what damage has been done and where.
We sure have a battery of Dr's . I am wondering if they are not making him some sort of test case?
So far all is good and John goes through his day with no problem. ( As far as he is concerned I am confused and forgetful) LOL It works for me as this way he is not depressed because stuff just does not work for him.
Mind you it sure keeps my days very busy and ,,,,, wait for it..., confused.
I am trying to laugh and chuckle my way through each day now and John sure helps with that and that is all good.
Sewing?/? do I still do that. Well I try to do a little each day and am looking forward to going on a two day retreat at the end of the month.
Take care everyone and enjoy each day.