Friday, August 13, 2010

Asheville quilt trip

It is so good to sleep in one's own bed after being away 7 days. I would have been home about 3:30 PM yesterday if not for the paving of the I-95 highway just north of Brunswick, Ga. It was about 1 hr. there as the 2 lanes south got put into 1. I know the roads need re-paving, but couldn't they do it from 11PM to 7AM? Cooler and less traffic.
The trip was wonderful, except for lack of sleep. We met Mary Stori who now lives about 45 min. west of Asheville, she was our guide along with the tour guide. The Asheville show was wonderful, if crowded. Lots of beautiful quilts. The best of show was a miniture, which had some people scratching their heads. I couldn't get close enough to see it well, but it was excellent quilting.
I went to the Biltmore village craft show on Sunday when everyone else was driving up the Skyline drive. I've been there before, and would rather had the free time. Found a perfect coffee mug which I drank out of this morning. Also had a masage at "Spa Theology" in Asheville, wonderful.
My 15 min. of fame. If anyone is interested--Mary's blog has 2 pictures of me, one outside of the Biltmore house, yellow print top and black pants, the other during the show and tell for her small group. I'm the one with the red,white and blue QOV-crooked necklace and fat tummy and all. Go to her blog Mary Stori- and the blog connection will be on the left side.
It was hot there, about 92 but less humid than here.
My favorite part of Biltmore was the Conseveratory-beautiful flowers, shrubs, arbors, etc. They have a staff of 45 or maybe 47 to do all the work. --I have a flower bed full of weeds.
Asheville cotton Co. was great, we met the small group Mary is in, including Georgia Bonesteel, and Linda Cantrell and others.
I did my share to support the local economy.
The quilt trail in Burnsville was good, well done! Especially liked the design of the socks in the block for the sock factory. This is where the socks for the sock monkey dolls are made, and I supported the economy there also. Gots lots of socks to put into Christmas gifts. And one pair for me. It was a pretty day and we ate at a great little restaurant.
Now back to laundry, etc. My fingers are swollen from all the salt I have eaten. Or maybe from gripping the steering wheel for 8 hrs on the drive back. That is the first time I've driven all that way alone. Will drink lots of ice water today.
Oh-the lady who came the furthest for the trip was a woman from Australia, Tasmania to be exact. She probably still isn't home.
Doing laundry and such and a trip to grocery today.
Sara in Fla.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dan Yu

A dan yu is a pelvic exercise performed by those practicing Taoist Tai Chi. It is a bending of the legs, the knees not extended beyond the feet, arms stretched forward and moving gracefully up and down in unison with the dan yu. Yesterday, my 78 yr. old extremely fit guest did 300 of them in succession. This week is the 40th anniversary celebration of the Taoist Tai Chi Society in their nearby Health Recovery Centre outside of Orangeville, Ontario. There are 800 participants from all over (no doubt the world, as they often do; certainly from all over N.A.) some of whom stay at the Centre and six of whom are staying here as B&B guests. They are thoughtful, quiet guests, leaving the house by 9 a.m. and not returning, in unison, until 10:30 at night. Several years ago, I tried Tai Chi for eight months and obviously wasn't doing the exercises correctly for my ongoing problem of continuous inflammation brokered its way into my knees and I could hardly bend them to get into the bathtub. I'm thinking that I should be going back but I think that everytime one of these Tai Chi guests come to stay. I know that it is one of the hardest forms of physical exercise I've done (and I taught figure skating years ago, played other sports as well) because it is a slow-movement, body supporting form of exercise. Moving quickly for the body is easy; moving slowly and supporting your body weight is not. I wish that I had taken it up at a much younger age. And, that is my week so far; six very nice guests who need to be at the food trough by 8 o'clock in the morning, a different menu each day with three lactose/gluten free diets. However, I eat that way too, so it's not too much of a challenge.

We've had rain and more rain this summer so that August, when the grass is beginning to look like a mown hayfield, is still 'English' green. Today is overcast but for the Taoist Society's demonstration in Toronto, a very large affair in Dundas Square, the weather is just perfect for them. It's dreary but not hot.

Marion, I loved your comment on men never believing that road blocks are for them and detours are. Did you manage to not say anything at all?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

early mornings

Marion in NZ - 5 a.m. was bad enough, but Atlanta is on a different (earlier) time zone from us. When it was 5 a.m. in Atlanta, it was really 4 a.m. here at home. The week before the trip, we were in Scottsdale, AZ, which is 2 hours *behind* the time zone here.

My body clock was worn out when I got home from Atlanta on Sunday night. I woke up during the night, to go to the bathroom, and in my half-awake state I thought I was at our son's house, and I nearly hurt myself getting out of the bed. Well, that woke me up and I got myself re-oriented immediately. ;o)

BTW, remember the good old days when we were in college and "pulled an all-nighter" meant staying up all night to party or study for an exam? Nowadays, at our advanced AARP age, 'pulling an all nighter' means sleeping ALL night long, and not having to wake up and go to the bathroom. LOL

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tuesday morning...

Too early for me to be doing this, obviously. I've been chatting away to you all for half an hour and then the whole thing disappeared....Clumsy fingers..

Thank you to Kathi for more interesting photos . Also thank you to Eric who makes this page available to us all. It brings a lot of people a lot of pleasure.

Doris, a 5am. start would be too much for me ! My concentration would evaporate by mid-morning. Well done you ! As for the tongue... keep practising. Staying with married offspring is always fun but sometimes challenging too !

Rosey, you must be such a good time manager. Thanks for taking the time to post, even when you have a house full of guests... I hope your w/end went well.

N.Z. is a Rugby crazy country. Everything comes to a standstill when there is a big game on. There was one such game on Saturday. Our boys against the Australians... ( they don't get bigger than this !!) Normally I wouldn't go near the city when such an event was on but we had been invited out to dinner with friends so that we could watch the game with them.. Unfortunately, they live on the other side of the city. The City Fathers., in their wisdom, had decided to close roads in the hope of making life easier for all... Everybody knew this, except, it turns out, my husband... What part of "Road ahead closed" and "Suggested diversion " did he not understand I wonder ?!? Did he not think it applied to him ? If not, why not ? The man is still a mystery to me after 48yrs of marriage.. It took us awhile to get to our destination... Fortunately, the crowds (and the police) were in good humour and we came to no harm. We also won the game so the night wasn't all bad ....

Glorious morning here this morning. Fresh snow on the mountains and a mild frost to clear the air. I'm off for a good long walk with a friend. Looking forward to it.
Have a good day.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pictures and stuff

The lighthouse pictures are great! I've been to the OR coast twice but haven't seen lighthouses.

Doris, my dd's in-laws got a beagle puppy before they had kids. My dd knew (even at 15yrs old) that how they disciplined the dog would be about how they would discipline their kids, well at least in the consistency area. It's true. My dd is due in Feb. and I know she'll be a good mom and probably more strict than me!

Busy, busy, busy here. Lots of quilts to quilt for others. I'd love to do some recreational sewing but there is never enough time!

checking in . . .

"Grandparents graduate to older age and biting their tongue when staying with their adult kids, it seems."

So true, Rosey. I just returned from 4 days with DS & DDIL, who have a puppy, the natural precursor to children, they are practicing on 4-legged type child for now. Welp, they are not raising it the way I would. (roflol!) I had to bite my tongue many times. Yep, I'm in training for real grandkids.

It's been hot here, it hit 100°+F last week, we had a cool front here this weekend (highs in low 90s w/low humidity), and back up to 100 for the next few days. Needless to say, I did *not* sign up to play golf with the ladies league in the heat.

I just got back from the American Sewing Guild annual conference in Atlanta, GA, where I took some classes, enjoyed the vendor booths, and can't wait to start sewing this week. I stayed with DS/DDIL to save on the hotel bill, which was pricey. I had a 1-hr commute each way to the hotel, but it was worth it for the money saved. I rode the commuter train into the city, and was very grateful for it. The traffic in Atlanta is awful.

Kathi - what beautiful lighthouse photos! I can not hold a camera still, so none of my pictures are ever as sharp and in focus as yours. Thank you for sharing them with us.

I really must go to bed and get caught up on sleep. Getting up at 5a.m., to catch train at 6 a.m., for free breakkie at conference at 7 a.m. and classes that began at 8 a.m. ------ I'm a tired camper. ;o)

Hugs to everyone!