Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry Christmas to all

Christchurch, the 'quakes were not as bad as the last ones only a little damage and only a few injuries, none serious. Most of the unstable buildings have already fallen so these just added to the mess the poor people have to put up with. The liquifaction is bad again mostly where it was before.They are still having aftershocks and this will continue for ages. Christchurch was a really pretty city and I don't feel it will ever recover, a lot of the old buildings have gone. My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch, they will never relax again.Away to make fresh fruit salad then DS1 is collecting me for the day.Love and hugs to all Bee in NZ.


Sara, I'm sorry for the sad news you and your family have had this week. As others have said, though, how wonderful for the adoptive family to reach out to you. Hugz to you all.

NZ - here's a link that Marion had shared after the earlier earthquake:

Rosey, thank you for posting that Marion and Russell weren't home. I'd been worried for them. All the shakes and aftershocks must be incredibly wearing for people!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and a Merry Christmas!

Hugz, Mary in Oregon

NZ and all

Thanks for all your comforting words. I hate to burden anyone with sad news, but as someone said, death is a part of life. DD called twice yesterday, it was a hard time for her. They are going to Grand Forks this evening to spend the night and serve meals at a homeless shelter tomorrow. They have been doing this about 4 times a year, and the grand boys love to do it. It will be good for her to get out and do it too.
We have had very warm weather here for a few days and it has helped to get out of the house, takes dogs for long walks, and then go to beach. DH gave us an early Christmas gift of beach cruisers (bikes) about 4 PM yesterday, so we had to go try them out. They have no speed, fat tires, and wide handlebars. It will take a bit of getting acquainted with, as different from the other bikes, and riding on the sand is different. It made him happy to give them, so I'm happy to try it out. :) I've learned over the years not to throw cold water on his happiness.
Was trying to find more news of N Z earthquake, but haven't found any yet. Will have to do a Google search.
Blessings to all, Merry Christmas, and please drive safely.
Sara in warm Florida

Friday, December 23, 2011

I don't know which to respond to first. Marion and husband, Russell, left, I believe two days ago for the north island to be with their daughter and family. She will be devastated, I know, but I hope, she's safe and sound in Auckland. What a time Christchurch has had over this past year. Thanks, Mary, for posting this, I'll go on the internet to see what more I can find out. I haven't been watching the news of late in any great depth.

And Sara, how heartbreaking for you to hear this news and how wonderful that the adoptive family sought fit to contact you about this terrible accident. What a tragedy. How is your daughter coping with the news? The parents must be devastated.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Earthquake in NZ

I just saw a news flash that showed the Christchurch area of NZ had another earthquake. Poor people there! Marion, you and yours are in my thoughts.
Hugz, Mary in Oregon

Sad news, esp. this time of year

I'm usually upbeat and happy when I post, or at least "just venting". This time not so.
We received a phone call on Tues. afternoon from the adoption agency in Orlando where my DD placed her baby for adoption 20 years ago. Thanks to the generous hearts of the adoptive parents, we were informed that the 20 yr. old girl was killed in a one car accident going home from college on Sat. night the 17th. They know the car swerved and rolled over.
From that tailspin we learned her name, the hometown, etc. The funeral will be held tomorrow at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Columbus, GA. The girl's name is Meredith Avery. We really wanted to attend the funeral, as that is why they called, to invite us. However, it is a 7 hr. drive and DH couldn't take the time off from work. He didn't want me to drive that far alone.
The obit report was in the Panama City News Herald, as her grandparents live in Panama City and she will be buried there. If any of you have 5 min. and want to read the story you can get it on line.The write up is beautiful. It says in part, "Meredith Fara Avery, 20, beloved daughter went to her heal Home with her Savior where her spirit now soars, following a single-car accident.
My heart was just crushed when I read this, but I'm better now.
My DD couldn't go, as she couldn't get a flight.
Sara in Fla.


Hi Kathi, I have this book somewhere and when I find it will post to you. Bryce Courtney has written lots of books and used they are quite cheap. I have already purchased a couple(new) and know I will enjoy them. One is for DS1 and I will have to borrow it as soon as he has read it. Fran , what were you reading when you were here ,I meant to ask when you were here but time flew. Out to buy strawberries for Sunday,if I eat any more I am going to look like one . Hugs to all and enjoy Sunday whatever you are celebrating. Hugs, Bee in NZ.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Power of One

Thanks, Fran. I checked the site, but unfortunately all of the books except this one are currently unavailable. I've bookmarked the site, though, so I can go through it at my leisure.

I've asked Meredith in Calgary to keep an eye out up there, too.


Power of One

KATHI: Try for more of Bryce Courtenay's books. The follow-on to the Power of One is called "Tandia". The prices aren't too bad compared to Australia's but the good thing is that postage is free to anywhere in the world. Bryce was born in Sth Africa so writes 'from the inside' so to speak. There was also a "The Power of One" movie which can be bought as a DVD. It followed the book quite well although it left out several important characters as far as I was concerned. Hope this helps.

We had a great time staying with BEE in Auckland and didn't really want to leave so soon. Gus and Graham got on famously! Unfortunately we seemed to have brought rain with us and it stayed the whole time we were in NZ, fining up the day we left! We were there to help one of his brothers, (who lives in Whangarie, between Auckland and the famous Bay of Islands), celebrate his 60th birthday and his wife her 50th. She's Filipina so most of the guests were from the Filipino community and it was great to see how much they love dancing and singing. We stayed with another brother and his family.
MARION: We were planning on ringing you while we were there but didn't manage it, I'm afraid. Hope you have a great Christmas with the family.

When we arrived home we found that the town had suffered an horrific hailstorm three nights earlier. 55 mm of rain fell in half an hour as well, which is pretty significant seeing that Whyalla's average annual rainfall is only about 320 mm (12.6"). A friend's solar hot water system's glass cover was smashed, as were those of 2 of her near neighbours but thankfully we had no damage at all to come home to.

All of our sons and their partners will be here for Christmas this year, or at least the day after We have suddenly become step grand-parents of a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old and will be welcoming their sibling and our first grandchild in mid April, so there will be young children around the house for the first time in years. We're really looking forward to it.

Must be off. DH has lost some paperwork. A very happy Christmas to all.

A question

I've just finished reading The Power of One by Australian author, Bryce Courtenay. Apparently this is the only one of his books that has been published in the US. Are the others readily available in other countries? Particularly Down Under? Do any of you know of a source for paperback books by him (used would be wonderful)? Anything I find on Amazon is terribly expensive.


Christmas Wishes to all

Hi my friends, nearly time for the white haired gentleman to come, I don't think my 3 1/2 year old DGD will make it she is so excited.LOL I have finished my baking and all shopping and now to relax. I had Fran from South Australia staying for a couple of nights. Both she and her DH are so much fun, we laughed a lot, unfortunately the weather was wet and cold, they are used to about 10 degrees warmer than us and it was really cold. Things have now warmed up and they would have loved this sun over the last few days. I will be going to my oldest son's for the day and taking the usual food, I do dessert and fruit mince pies. No kittens so far they will be coming in the new year, Gus is not amused and the cat will leave home again. Not much quilting right now I am trying to declutter and I think I am winning. my plan is to sew a little every day.
I have been reading about different problems some of you are having ,just wish I was near enough to help, but you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep warm my friends, Hugs Bee in NZ.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas and safe travels

I know many of you are traveling this week, so I thought I'd wish you Merry Christmas now.
Last week I mailed off the quilt for DGS #4 along with another package. As of today's phone call they had received the other package, but not the quilt. Hopefully it will arrive in a day or 2. DD says the post office is really stretched thin, and sometimes the packages take a few extra days. I did insure it for quite a bit of $$. It always makes me nervous to mail things such as quilts.
Today was DH's 63rd birthday, and we decided to sloth around. His friend from H.S. and college left early this morning, so DH requested an egg McMuffin from McDonald's as his breakfast. After reading all the paper we got dressed and drove over to the beach, it was about 65 and sunny by then. The center of town area has done a nice job of Christmas decorating, wreathes on life guard stands (stands painted various colors). I took a few pictures.
We are watching the Denver football game to see if Tim Tebow will do another last min. victory. So far it doesn't look good.
Not doing anything quilty this week. I have a few fleece blankets to deliver to the local mission once I wrap them, and some baking to do. Otherwise just going to relax and enjoy the Christmas music on CD.
Sara in Fla.