Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sunday morning..

By the time the form comes up I have just about forgotten what I was going to say !! Something new happened this morning, I looked up and saw that, though I was typing away , it was all to no avail as I was on an editing page !! No idea how that happened or if I could get there again ! Life is full of surprises.

We have been away for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with a long-time friend . This friend was my closest neighbour when I first came to NZ and we shared lots of happy times together, in those early days . She was widowed twelve years ago. They were the couple we went hunting and shooting with all those years ago.. Nice to be home and so exciting to have some beautiful photos on the email, of the new member of the family ! His parents look suitable overwhelmed by their new son. My nephew is 44yrs old, that's quite old to have a first baby. He and his (American) wife have spent the last few years sailing around the world, competing in various races. They are in Valencia at the moment so are now busy showing off their new son to the sailing community, all gathered there for the America's Cup. It will be interesting to see if sailing continues to be their main focus .

Jane, I do enjoy your long and amusing posts !! Keep them coming. We have an attic and a large garage full of "useful" things. I have a feeling we'll be paying to get them removed eventually !! Interested to hear that your DD was an O.T. That was my profession too . Looking forward to seeing the photographs of the birds..

DH is out mowing the lawns. The grass is still growing. I should be out planting some anemones, can't have too many of those..

Mary, so pleased that you enjoyed Australia, next time, pop over to NZ , it's worth the trip !!

I went to a Craft Fair while we were away , and saw a new product. It was from STh Africa, called Serviette Podge ( ! ) You use the top layer only, of a paper serviette, Visofix it onto fabric, put this "podge" (it's like a glue) on the top, , leave for 24hrs, then heat set. It's supposed to last forever . Have any of you heard of anything like that ? I thought I might try it out. I am making a "Garden" quilt at the moment. Seems a great alternative to buying 1/4mt of fabric just to cut out one flower... I'll let you know how I get on.

Better get out to the garden before the weather changes.

Marion (who is feeling remarkably refreshed after only three days away !!)


Jean, that's very sound advice. As a fallen away Weight Watchers member I can advise all you ladies to weigh no more than once a week and that should be at the same time of day in relation to the same meal. I choose to do it Sunday morning after visiting the bathroom and prior to dress and eating. That way there are no excuses for the three pound difference clothing and proximity to a meal can make. I go up and down from day to day and I suspect that most of us do. My history with WW is checkered. The first time around in '77 was highly successful. Of course I had far less to lose and I was smoking like a chimney. I lost so much that they warned me to go on maintenance and Al complained about too many bones. That didn't last long but I kept it near the goal for a couple of years. Next time I made it to goal but it was more of a struggle. I was working 50-60 hrs. a week and had little time for exercise; I just lit up another cigarette. Next time was after I retired and after quitting smoking. The latter move caused me a thirty pound gain over the next few years but I was increasing exercise by walking in the mountains here and getting serious about weight training because of a diagnosis of osteoporosis. DD#2, an occupational therapist, had found it useful in her lifetime struggle with weight. The weight training actually reduced the effects of osteoporosis until just the past year but I just see-sawed on the weight due largely to being unable to discipline myself adequately. I got demoralized and after feeling tearful at all that weighing and measuring of the food threw in the towel. As much as they said it's no longer necessary to do all that weighing and measuring (of food), it is if you have a serious portion control problem. I know how to eat, I just do too much of it. I working at it and have gone down minimally and will continue with the struggle with portion control. As a friend of mine said years ago, "If it doesn't have hair on it or move on my plate, I'll eat it." That lady has since gone very low fat and exercises maniacally. She looks great.

Re: garage sale. I have been to one or two and never saw anything that I thought worth my time. I have always suspected that it was done by people who rid themselves of their own junk in exchange for someone else's. Since moving over two years ago into a house with no basement and having been moved by wonderful neighbors when I was too crippled to do inventory and properly pack I've had an obscene mess in my generous two car garage to the point where I could barely get the car in there and had no idea what was in there and couldn't find the stuff that I knew probably was in there but couldn't get to over the other stuff or couldn't even find. I have a neighbor who is not only fifteen years younger than I but has incredible energy and serious managerial talent. She who hasn't been employed since the day she said "I do" would make it big time in business. Anyway she's always got some scheme and she loves garage sales. She organized a community garage sale in the local community center, figured out everything, rented the space, placed the ad in two newspapers, made signs all that good stuff. I thought I'd give it a try as I had a good stereo system out there, a pile of good quality wool braided rugs I had no need for and lots of other stuff. I worked in the garage for three days for as long as I could stand to be on my aching legs and feet in the heat (one day it was crowding 90F) to get that stuff out, clean it up and price it. There was also a bunch of clothes I've outgrown, some of it hardly worn and all sorts of small items. I have a lot of stuff from Al's workshop like jars of fasteners, roofing nails and such but figured nobody would want them. Ha, did I have it wrong. It was pouring rain today and we had a disappointing turn out. The majority of buyers who did show up were men and they were buying, guess what? Jars of roofing nails, rusty faucets and all that crap. No one even looked at my rugs. I did sell the FM tuner and the old turn table. For some reason that man didn't want the Boston Acoustics top of the line speaker set and the five CD changer. I bargained for the other items with him and was prepared to do the same with the remaining ones but he declined even though he said he was buying them for resale. The various participants and I agreed to try again tomorrow afternoon to catch the after church crowd. The signs have been changed and since the ad was buried in the personals no one saw it anyway. I came out the booby prize winner at $31.00 so far. Would anyone outside of Indonesia work for $10 a day? All the left over stuff that the seller refuses to take home will go to the hospital auxiliary thrift shop or the battered women's shelter thrift shop. That's what I was planning to do anyway. As long as I don't have to pay anyone to haul it away I'll be happy. DD#1 warned me years ago that no garage sale is worth the effort unless you enjoy the process. Just think, I could have been in my air conditioned house quilting. NEVER AGAIN SAY I!

Tomorrow, if the weather is appropriate, before going back to the sale, I will set up the tripod and my good Rebel G Cannon camera to photograph birds at my feeders. I can get far enough away with my telephoto lens so as not to spook them. I'll use the digital camera too and compare results. Will post anything worth while. The rose breasted grosbeaks are resting and fattening up before they leave to finish their migration north for most and uphill into the Smokies as 6,000 ft. elevation for some. I'm so happy when they stop off here in May but wish they would stay but I guess it's too warm here. You folks in the northern US and Canada are to be envied.

Jane in went and chilly NC (but we are desperate for rain so are glad to have the weather even if I did turn the heat on for the first time in over a week)

Advice for dieters

May I offer some advice here? *Never* buy new bathroom scales in the middle of a diet! And if you are going to be foolish enough to do that, then definitely *do not* jump on them after lunch, fully clothed, wearing shoes, to calibrate them! OMIGOD!!! There is a place for brutal accuracy, but my house is not it!

Jean, still feeling queasy...

Home again

I'm home again after the most wonderful trip to Australia. I was able to get together with Fran and Graham. What an absolutely delightful time with them! It's taken a week but I think I'm finally sleeping on Oregon time again. :-)

Anna, you continue to be in my thoughts. Sending you hugz!

Lavina, I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling after the quilt show mess. Darn! Your work is exquisite. I'm just very sorry this happened. It will take time but I know the bitter taste in your mouth will dissipate. Keep on keeping on. Sending hugz to you as well.

Take care and hugz to those who might need one,
Mary in Oregon

Friday, May 4, 2007

Pet Food Recall Site

Lavinia, here is website. You should be able to click on this page to find the recalls. If not, post again and I'll ask on the AussieL:

Kathi, is this really the same design as the one you saw years ago? The design is one that I have not made up myself and while I might have done so years ago, my applique skills are now so much in danger of my own judgement that I may not ever make the quilt. It's particularly nice using batiks and fussy cutting special effects.

Let me know if this works with the dog food site. It's a serious concern.


Dog Food Web Site

Was it here where the website was posted for the companies that did not have bad dog food? If so, would you be so kind to post it again? Thanks.

Breast Cancer Quilts

Rosey - thanks for the link to the Canadian Breast Cancer quilts. Your pattern was done wonderfully. I was intrigued by the fact that the quilt that followed it on the site was one that I made (posted on the BB side) during my recovery from my second go-round with BC. The pattern came from a different magazine, but it certainly is the same.



TerTer, I am going to try to get to Stowe on the 15th. That way I can see both you and Marty. Are you still planning to go to Keepsake Quilting while you're in Vermont? I'd like to get there too.

Vicki Collins, are you on this board? If so, please e-mail me. I think of you often.

Coming off of a really lousy cold which stuffed up my ears big time! I can't remember the last time my ears were such a mess. No infection the doctor says, but plenty of fluid, and it's driving me NUTS. Hopefully by the weekend they'll clear. ugh.

Not much quilting time lately, but I did finish DS's graduation quilt, except for the label. Yay!! I'm done five weeks before graduation! That was one deadline that was making me nervous.

Well, back to work. Hope to see TerTer and Marty soon.

Jean in VT

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Breast Cancer Quilt Exhibit, Canada

The link below will get you into the Stratford, Ontario exhibit, there are two others traveling across the country. Stratford is a small city in southwestern Ontario and this exhibit was started by a survivor. It's well known and people from all across Canada donate quilts they've made for the auction to raise money for cancer research. If you go to the fourth page, you'll find # STFD-62, Francoise Bebbington, Emblems of Hope and Peace. The design is my Canadian Provincial Wildflower design and is a wall hanging size. It was machine quilted which doesn't show up on the screen but is exquisite.

Driving to Stratford, about an hour and a half from home, took the backroad route through Mennonite Country and today, most farmers were out tilling the land either by machine or, more specially for us, by foot behind two draft horses. The old order Mennonite don't use machinery. We saw little children in straw hats, women in their dresses and bonnets using rototillers on their vegetable gardens and it was like a time warp and such a pleasant one for us to see.

Jean's husband is heading across the west to help with the planting, all of Canada is waking up from winter.

Marion, what great news for the family. I wonder if that little babe will end up sailing the world too, like his parents. I'm sure the quilt will be a thrill for them to receive.


Thursday again. Already!

Time has been flying lately -- so much to do and DH is off to Alberta for the spring seeding in a few days, so every minute counts! But it is Thursday again and that would be weigh in day. Bad week. Not much progress -- maybe half a pound, but my scales aren't accurate enough to be sure of even that! Next week will be better -- once DH is away I can eat the way I want without having to deal with his meals and preferences.

Marion, I meant to post to say you did a fabulous job on the quilt -- it is wonderful! And also to say how pleased I was to hear that the littlest sailor had arrived safely.

Jane, I also meant to post to say that there is nothing selfish about backing off some of the public service volunteer stuff. You have my permission to retire from all such obligations! I, too, have reached a point where I think it is someone else's turn to pick up the load and carry on. I will finish the things I am doing now, but I do not plan to take on anything new after this.

I have completed the big tasks I set for myself in terms of Spring cleaning -- and my sewing room looks spectacular! Good thing, too, because my design group met here for the first time last night! LOL Nothing like a deadline to encourage completion of a dreaded task! Now I am ready to turn my attention to my gardens. Having assessed the amount of work they require, I have started the process of hiring someone to come in and salvage something from the mess of weeds they have become! I have so many other things I have to do in the next couple of months that there is no way I will have time to do a proper garden renovation as well -- just like giving myself permission to stop volunteering for everything in sight, I have also given myself permission to acknowledge when a job is just plain too big for me to accomplish without killing myself and when it is time to get help! I have a feeling that these two simple little changes are going to make my life much more pleasant in the future!

But now DH has come back with my car and I must be off to do the little old lady's banking, pick up the time cards to do the payroll, and get to Curves.

Jean, who would sooner be playing in that sewing room!


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gees Bend quilts--Fires in Georgia

OK, going to try again to post. I was so excited when I was posting about the Gees Bend quilts, that I must have hit the wrong button. Our group from the quilt guild went on Sat. to the Orlando Art Museum to see them. The women are from Gee (s) Bend, Alabama and there is a PBS video about them also. Very good use of color. These women were dirt poor and made use of what they had, which wasn't much to start with.
We also saw the opposite end of the money scale, the lamps and stained glass windows of Lewis C. Tiffany. Also beautiful!
Fires--don't know if it has made any national news, since I don't watch it, but the wild fires in south east Georgia have burned about 98,000 acres of land. The smoke from the fires has been over our city off and on for 2 weeks. They are in desperate need of rain. The Governor of Georgia was on the news saying it's been declared a disaster area. Fortunately no one has been killed, but many homes destroyed. Fire people from many states are helping fight the fire, but what they really need is about 2 days of hard rain.
Had dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant to talk about going to Ireland next year. The couple we were with went last Sept. They did their own planing, etc. Looks more and more like a plan to me.
No quilting here today, I did bleach on the back deck, being a scrub woman. Yuk. Realize why the pressure washing people get paid so much.
All for tonight.
Sara in Florida

All is well !!

Finally heard from the new, proud, first-time Grandmother !! She thought the proud father would have emailed me, so didn't phone sooner !! Great news. Mother and baby (James) doing well. Such a relief ! I had imagined all sorts of things !!
Time for bed . It's been a long day !

Marion, (pondering the new status of Great-Aunt !)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Slow connection...

Yes, it's tiresome isn't it ? We could get on Broadband, but at great cost... We only have one telephone line too, so I can't spend long on the internet without DH arriving from nowhere and saying that he needs the telephone...

Wish I had "listened 'carefully when instructions were given for deleting posts. It's very embarrassing to see mine there...twice !!

I'm a nervous wreck at the moment. My sister (not the parent of the sailor..) in England rang early this morning to tell me that the baby had arrived in Spain and that all was well , she said to pretend not to know when my other sister phoned... 10hrs later and I am still waiting for the call.. This is SO out of character for my sister, I am concerned. It's the middle of the night in England now so I don't want to phone anybody. Later I will phone the sister who did call me, to see if anything untoward has happened.... We take childbirth and perfect babies for granted don't we...? I do hope all is well... Sorry to go on, but I am worried...

Hopefully I will post tomorrow, when I know more. The quilt is on its way. I rushed out to mail it after the call this morning.


Can't believe I am here again

You are so right about living in the country, Jane.We lived in Southern Ontario many years before coming up here and I am enjoying the slower paced life. It still seems fast enough though at times but nothing like the rest of family.
Right now I am holding DH hostage by posting on the BB. I have the phone line. LOL. He can not use the phone until I get off.
Now what else can I tell you about. ROFLOL.
Now don't tell me it is not nice to tease cause I am having chuckles galore.
But I better go or he will think up something that I will not be pleased about.
Will try to stop on the way home Rosey as we are already leaving late here on Thursday. I have a Dr appointment first.
We drive back again the following week Wed. Will try to detour. We have two weeks at home then to get ready to go to BC. Every day is scheduled for. Oh my isn't retirement great.

Where's my post?

OK, I spend 20 min. writing out a long post, and it went to cyber-land.
Will try again tomorrow!
Sara in Fla.


My spring is ahead of many of yours and finally, apparently unequivocally, here. I know how you feel, Rosey about sharing the urge to roll in the new green grass. Molly and Shadow always eat (ate) a bunch of the new stuff. Shadow grazes like a cow sometimes in the spring. It comes out the way it goes in, by the way, in one long leaf at a time. Well, that takes the poetry out of the spring conversation. Molly loved rolling in crisp dead oak leaves in the fall and on snow and ice. She would lie down at the top of a bank in the snow, wiggle vigorously until she started to slide downhill and then simply enjoyed the ride. She'd race to the top and do it all over again. She was the only dog I've ever seen do that. I always said that she made up her own games. And that trainer said she was stupid. Humph.

Rosey, what are you doing posting in the predawn hours? These days I wait for the sun to get me up.

I had what was probably the slowest dial up in recorded history before I bit the bullet last July and got satellite hookup with Hughes. The cost is obscene. The speed is nowhere near comparable to DSL but it sure beats the only alternative. Word from Verizon is that we should have it in 12 to 18 mos. I am not holding my breath but as soon as it gets up the road to me (it's currently available only four miles down stream from me) I'll jump over. That dish in the yard is ugly in the extreme. The one on the roof for TV is much more discreet. Can't wait to cut my monthly cost by two thirds and get that eyesore out of the yard. Despite all my griping, though, I'm glad I made the move. The satellite radio, by the way, is very reasonably priced and I'm VERY glad I did that as radio reception around here is terrible because of the mountains.

Just heard that this morning the commute between Oakland and San Francisco is the worst in decades. One more good reason to live in the back woods, eh Grace and Rosey?

Off to pump iron,
Jane in NC

Message for Grace

Twice in one morning, signing on...and they flip the blogs so I have to be really on the ball to get the right board...just a little test for my brilliance, which seems often hidden beneath my batting-packed brain. Someone stopped me on Sat. night at the Hockley resort and said: Mrs. Proudfoot, in a very stern voice...brain farts stepped in, didn't recognize the woman...and said...and I can't place you at the moment...she was an acquaintance, the wife of Jock's airplane mechanic and who happened to be all dressed up...I told her I hadn't seen her in 'clothes' of us go around in old clothes and jeans up here in the country. And I was parked in the owner's spot...

Grace, I'm off to Stratford first thing Thurs. for the opening of the Breast Cancer Quilt exhibit. One of my designs was accepted to be sponsored by Laz-Y-Boy and the maker, who did an absolutely stunning job of the quilt (a large wallhanging size) wanted me there. So I'm off early, son Michael is here painting our familyroom, if you need to stop in for a pitstop and dog potty break, please do so...if not, I hope we catch you on the way home.

Out to hang out my first wash of the's windy here but sunny, 45F and I feel like Geordie...I could just roll over on my back and rub my 'fur' on the lovely green grass.


Found out

what you mean Rosey, Trying to get to the post site this morning I have almost forgotten what I would like to respond to. We too have just dial up and it will still be a long time before we get high speed. Well it is here but I would need to take a mortgage out to have it. LOL
I wanted to tell Marion what a grrrreat quilt. It is absolutely beautiful, and yes like Rosey I am glad we are going into the summer direction. Yesterday was a gorgeous day with wall to wall sunshine but this morning it is blustery. We still need a lot of drying weather so this should help.
Received a call yesterday that my DM , she is 92, fell during the night and broke her wrist. DSIL wrote that she is very thankful it was not her hip as that could lead to lots of complications. We are going to go south(that is south for us) on Thursday so hopefully will get to see her on Friday, or Saturday.
Well maybe I should start the stove yet as I am siting here and feeling rather chilly. It is not cold just uncomfortable and I love a wood fire. the bones enjoy it too.
Later Hugs all around and those who wish or need grab two. Their free.
Grace in Ont

This & That

Slow speed dial up here in the country is sure a pain in the patoui or however one spells it. Someone asked if everything was alright as I wasn't posting often but it seems to take me five minutes to go through the process of posting (I'm sure it's only two) than before when it was a quick click onto the previous board. Not complaining because this is a better system, believe me. The internet dial-up out here just cost me a three month B&B booking yesterday; the man, a lawyer, needed hi-speed to connect to his colleagues at night. Nothing we can do about it unless we want to pay monthly for services such as a dish or satelite. It will come eventually.

Lavinia, such a pretty picture of the flower but your soil down there in Tenn. is what reminded me of how much I like your state and how rich and rusty the soil becomes as your go further south into Georgia. Marion, what a lovely quilt. Those sailors of yours will be thrilled to receive it. What a lot of effort you've put into it. I'm glad it's you going into fall and not us. We really need a break in our weather and the grass is greening up nicely now. This morning when I came down into the studio, a racoon was nibbling beneath my bird feeder so I now know who is stealing all the suet out of my birdfeeders. Not sure how she gets up there as we have a squirrel guard on the pole but she's obviously managing it somehow. That will be the end of the suet for this season I suspect.

And speaking about age, I'm sure my friends must think I'm getting stranger with the years. Last week I flew down to Halifax, taking a male friend on an airline pass because he was complaining about the cost of the flight out of Toronto (this is a man who is worth well over a million dollars himself though these days I guess some might say that in liquidating yourself, that isn't what it used to be...but you get the picture, no-one would have to take up a tag-day for him). The pass was considerably less. But the point is (and I should mention that the point of the quick trip was to visit his brother who is close to the end with cancer and he was his best man, I was their maid of honour so many years ago) that he rented a car as we had to drive an hour to reach his brother's home along the Atlantic coast. I had queried him about his driving skills (he's 75) as Jock is quite absent minded in his driving these days and my nerves just can't take him peering at the clouds instead of the road any more. This chap said he was a good driver. He was. I was relieved that I wasn't driving so that I could enjoy Nova Scotia as the last time I was in the province, I was the official and only driver in the car. On the flight back, my friend popped some vitamins. I asked what they were...he just said casually, they were for his eyesight. He's loosing it, like most of us, our eyes alter as we grow older. Shoot, growing older may just be a number, as Jane says, but it's a double digit that I can't believe I'm reaching.


oooops !!!

Sorry about the double posting. I don't quite know what I did wrong...

This time ??

Not too sure that I have managed to post this ! I shouldn't have tried to do it while I was busy getting dinner !!! Unfortunately, the sun had gone by the time DH came home.. the leaves look prettier in the sunshine.
Jane, 70 is the new 60 or so I've been told !! Not quite there myself but close enough to need that sort of reassurance !
Right... now to press "publish " and keep the fingers crossed !!

Sailing away..

Unfortunately the sun did not remain out, so the autumn colours are not shown at their best !! I've just spoken to my sister in England. Evidently the baby could come any day now ! I'll have this packed and ready to send when I get word...

Jane, seventy is the new sixty or so I've heard ! I'm not quite there myself , but close enough to be looking for that sort of reassurance !!

Have a good day.

Marion, (who should be getting the dinner..)

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Thanks for your support. I suppose that folks might disapprove my selfishness but I'm due. This applies to most of us. We took care of our kids, then did scouts, band boosters, swim team boosters and we took care of other people's kids along with ours. Of course there was the PTA (parent teacher association), the book fair at school etc. Finally I went to law school at age 37 and ended up being an assistant public defender representing indigents who were charged with crime. Once again, I was taking care of other people. Believer me, that was heavy duty taking care of very large children who never learned to be an adult. Then, of course, I took care of Al for his last ten months. That was over five years ago. I did all of those things willingly and most of the time, joyfully, but put off taking care of myself. It's time now.

Please post the quilt picture with the autumn colors. Can't wait to see it.

Jane relaxing in NC and old age

Monday morning..

and another beauty by the looks of things ! Clear blue sky and warm sunshine.

Lavinia, I have that plant in abundance in my garden. It does very well here. I have it in pink as well as blue, large flowers and small ones. Good luck with yours !

Good decision Jane ! You've more that "done your bit" for society . The days become more precious as we get older and we need to think carefully how we fill them. As a country dweller myself, I know that it's easy to spend far too much time in the car, going hither and yon.. This year I have been enjoying inviting people here for Sunday lunch , that way, they get to do the driving and we all get to enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the country !! All a bit of a rush, as we go off to church beforehand . Thank goodness for automatic ovens.. I'm enjoying having my Sundays back. DMIL died a year ago and for her last few years we had always spent Sunday afternoons with her.

Today is the day that I will get DH to take a photo of the finished quilt !! I want to include some background of the autumn trees in the sunshine ! He is off to a funeral this morning ,hopefully he will be home before the sun goes down !!

Enjoy the week.
Marion in NZ.

Okay, here's a pic of my new play-pretty. I'm going to try her out with some paper foundation piecing this week.
Pat in Rockport, TX

Weighing in

I'm down one more pound this week, and 1/2 inch off measurements. I managed to force myself to work out with weights three times this week. I do 3 sets of 12 reps on 5 different areas of my fluffy body. I'm going to try to make the three times a week every week.

I went to a gathering of fellow sewing machine collectors in College Station, TX. I didn't intend to, but did buy a "new" sewing machine. It's a 3/4 size hand crank Singer 128. I wouldn't have bought it, but it has the Indian Star decal on the bed of the machine, and I've never had one with that decal before. I think I must be part magpie--"Ooooooh, shiney...."

Pat in Rockport, TX


Obviously, Jean, you are doing or not doing something different from me. The first guess is that you have definitely reduced your caloric intake while increasing caloric outgo. I'm up a half pound this week after standing pat for several weeks. I have begun to get more exercise. Local strawberry season is here and none the worse for wear from the freeze of several weeks ago. I'm working my way though a gallon basket right now. I did share berries with two neighbors however. They are so sweet there is no temptation to embellish them. They are going on cereal, snacked one at a time by hand as I walk by and mixed with fat free, sugar free yogurt as a super treat. I don't like to refrigerate them if I can avoid it but since Friday they've begun to soften up so I'll have to resort to that after this morning's Ralston.

Having a quiet weekend. There was a big spring festival in town and the home extension quilt group was down there. A fair number of their members belong to my guild in Franklin and they'd urged those of us in this county to join them in a demo. I was going to go and just decided to hang out at home. I spend so much time running hither and yon that sometimes I need to take the time to hang out here with Shadow and work on home projects. I'm almost caught up on my guild mystery quilt. In the meantime the boys' rag quilts have been collecting dust so I need to lay out the pieces and start putting them together. Hope to start that process today.

Since I turned 70 last month I've decided that henceforth I will do what I feel like doing, not what I think I should do. I will not be the boss or chair of anything. My problem is that there are not enough wakeful hours in the day nor enough years left in my life to be doing things I don't feel like doing. That doesn't include the exercise and food control thing. That's for me. I've met my obligations to the community and it's time for someone else to be obligated. Doesn't mean I won't make kid quilts for Head Start but only when I feel like it. So there. I said it and I'm glad.

Going to a neighbor's 83rd birthday bash this evening. The hosts (his DD DSIL) insist on no gifts so I've gotten a silly card. Have you guys looked for a funny card that doesn't refer to drinking too much, sex or um breaking wind? The humor level is consistently junior high level. I had to read about thirty cards at the local CVS store before I found one that wasn't all hearts and flowers or vulgar in the extreme. Next time I go somewhere else for a card.

Lavinia, it looks as though you are living with the same clay packed iron laden soil I have. The flower is lovely. I've never seen one. I tend to depend on mother nature to provide me with wildflowers. I just wish I had a decent lawn. After two plantings I still have large areas in the yard that are populated with the same ratty collection of weeds that were here two years ago. I've had it seeded twice and where it took it is gorgeous and thick. The rest of it looks like an over grazed pasture.

Gorgeous day here and I need to get moving and take a walk with Shadow while it's still cool.

Jane in NC

If you click on the picture, it will make it larger. Background is lavender, the "pins" are very fine and white. Lavinia

JEAN, you're doing great with the weight loss thing--keep up the good work!

MARION, good to hear from you! Every time I see little boats fabric now, I think of your little quilt, LOLOL.

We are supposed to get company, but they keep moving the date forward a week. Looks like we won't get to sign up at the Y for a while. DH planted some perennials yesterday, so far looking good--he followed the suggestions of the guy at a large nursery. They had a plant I liked, too. It's called a Pincushion plant. The flower head is sort of round and it has little "pins" sticking up out of it. I'll post the one picture I took (you'll see I am no photographer, but you get the idea hahahaha). Hugs to all. Lavinia