Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ter Ter's email addy

If anyone from the old board would like to connect with Ter Ter (Terry) she has emailed me and given me permission to put this out on the board:
I've been hoping she'd post herself but I'm not sure she's going to access the board or not.
It's great to see more pictures and especially of quilts.  They really add such visual pleasure to the new Chat Board.
Everything is greening up here in Southern Ontario, Canada, the grass is growing fast and will need to be cut soon.  We seem to go from one end of the month with snow and shoveling it to green grass growing too fast and needing to be cut. 
Meg and Annie had a dust-up in their dog run today.  They met and collided like two bear cubs and got carried away with themselves...almost into a real scrap.  One word from headquarters here, as I have a good visual up to the dog run, and they parted immediately.  Reminded me of my two kids the only time they had a fight when they were very young, tumbling around.

Urban Cabin

Laura, I love that Urban Cabin pattern.  I've made several of them already.  The first was a yellow and grey for my son's new house (colors were his request).  The second was a black/white/red with pandas for a grandson's birthday (he picked his fabrics).  I also like the pattern for doing charity quilts because it works up so easily, as long as you remember to reverse the blocks for the alternating rows.


My update--Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond last night.  Got smart and googled "reviews of steam irons" and found 2 or 3 possible ones.   I liked the one with the soft handle grip, but it was very heavy.  I think I need to do weight lifting, but not with the steam iron!  So the Shark was also rated high, for a low price.  I think I paid $30 for it.  Forgot that I have one just like it at the condo.  It is very light weight, holds a good amount of water, and the dial is east to use and read.
Sara in still soggy Fla.

Laura, what a lovely quilt, love the pattern and especially the colors.  good job

Irons, quit and weather

I had trouble with Rowenta also. The first, made in Germany, a pretty good performer though I never got 6 years out of it. Next time they were all made in Mexico and the quality was no good. Returned them almost immediately. I too buy low end GEs. At least that way it doesn't hurt as much when they need to be replaced.

This is how my attempt at a "modern" quilt turned out.

And the weather! 7 inches of snow in central Iowa where I live on Thursday and Friday after such a pleasant weekend a week ago.  I have had enough. The drought is over. It is so wet the sump pump is running with snow on the ground. Last week the drain hose sprang a leak and where the water was spraying out we had lovely ice crystals. My forsythia was in full bloom on Tuesday.  It is still a lovely yellow with snow on it! Please, let there be sun.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Hi, I had two Rowenta and was unhappy with both.  They did not steam as well as other models. I now have GE from Walmart and only cost between $20. and $30.  Am very happy with it and will never purchase another Rowenta.   Here in Pa. we are having fantastic weather for a change. April was miserable, cold and wet. sorry to hear about all the bad weather everyone else is having. Our tulips, forsythia bushes and other flowers are in full bloom.  Temp is around 70-75 degrees.


Forgot to ask for iron suggestions.  My Rowenta died this week.  I'm not going to pay $145.00 for an O'leso.  The Rowenta was amout $40.00 abt. 6 yrs. ago at Jo-Ann's.
Sara/ Fla.

greetings from soggy Fla.

It has been raining cats and dogs since 8:00 AM on Friday.  A bit of a break right now, but it has been crazy.  sort of a Nor' Easter, without the Nor'.  Wind! A tornado did a bit of damage in my GF's neighborhood in Mt. Dora.  They had hail, some tree limbs off, but their house is OK.  She is one of the few people in Fla. who have a basement, so they went down there while the storm was overhead.
Last night was quilt guild meeting, but at 4:15 when I wanted to go it was just too windy, rain coming down sideways.  My SUV on the bridges is a bit scarry, so decided to stay home.  DH was at a meeting, so the doggies and I snuggled on the couch and I worked on a binding.
He is at Publix, our local grocery store.  I went to see Mom at the nursing home, just got back.  She enjoys my visits, likes the coffee, but when I leave she doesn't remember I was there.  At least she knows who I am.
Going down slowly with the eating stuff.  1and 1/2 C. of coffee instead of 3 in the morning.  No Cokes, or chips, lots of veggies, some grapefruilt.   The type of high blood pressure med. I am on doesn't conflict with grapefruit, thankfully.  It is just a diruretic.   (I know, TMI, too much information)
So, was going to interview a new lawn company today, but since the lawn has standing water, we put it off till Monday.  The church kids did lots of weed pulling and triming, and put down 9 cu. yards of mulch about 2 weeks ago, and it sure looks nice.  Just a few "clean up" things to do.  Two more knock out rose bushes to transplant.
OK, hear DH in the garage, will sign off.  Everyone have a good weekend!
Sara in Soggy Fla.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Blog

Marion, I found your posting very interesting.  Do the cones come from coniferous or deciduous trees?  They are large.  I can see that, almost like burning peat in Ireland, this would be a natural resource that I have never known about.  This is what is so great about this blog and particularly the ability to post pictures now.  We all have a slice of life wherever we live that is interesting to others regardless of the fact that many of us don't think so.   I'd even be happy to see Jean posting pictures of flowers out on Vancouver Island (my forsythia is near to blooming, now so I don't mind)....Jean knows that she's not to send pictures of flowers blooming at the end of February because we're still in the depths of winter by then.  Of course, the old rivalry between out west in Canada and central Canada where we all in fun (most of the time).  However, I confess that the west coast of Canada has some pretty spectacular sights.  We're more bucolic here with rolling hills.

Gliding season will soon be upon us and that very long trailer in the picture will open up to reveal a glder plane inside.  And then, himself (pictured here) will disappear out to the glider club and airfield most days until the end of October.  This is why running the Bed&Breakfast is good for me,  it gives me a good focus to my life.  I'm going into my 21st year running it, I hope to have the energy to keep it up for awhile yet.

I hope others post and share in their lives as was lovely to hear from Dot and TerTer.  There are more of you oldies out there, I know.