Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still Alive

but not kicking. Another surgery Monday to repair my sagging plumbing so I hope will be socially acceptable when I get home Monday afternoon. We are living too long these days. No wonder we are breaking the federal bank. Medicare is a Ponzi scheme and I've known that for at least 30 years and I never took a course in economic. People who live so long far outnumber those who are contributing to the system just like Bernie Madoff and his scheme. I feel very sorry for my kids and grandkids who are supporting more and more old fogies to the point where there won't be anything left for them. In the meantime more and more family practitioners are refusing Medicare patients because they just can't afford to take them and still cover their overhead and education debt. Simple arithmetic. It was a good idea when the system was started when people had the sense to die off younger.

Sorry about the rant. I'm just like everyone else; I want to live as long as I am capable of having fun. I attended a meeting (board at Area Agency on Aging) and got to thinking about one of the board members, among the most active and well informed, who is twenty years older than I am! That makes her 94 and I will be 74 next month. So is her husband, who can tell you exactly what day in 1940 they met. He usually attends the meetings with her. They are both active in numerous community activities and Sr. Olympics. Now that's a goal to keep in mind. They are both very bright as well.

Still having a lot of foot pain and will start some work with an OT with massage in an effort to reduce swelling and scar tissue. I've put it off to take care of the supposedly simply gyn job. I will devote the next week to working on DD's wedding quilt which shouldn't take too long as I'm down to assembling the blocks.

Weather's been very mild and snowless for about five weeks since I bought the Subaru. If I hadn't made that change no doubt we'd up to our ears in snow. I did everyone a favor.

Time to walk the beasties.


Monday, February 14, 2011

finally, some nice weather

This past Friday morning, we woke up to 8° F, and Sunday the high was 64° F. Of course, nobody was complaining about the weather this weekend. It is so re-energizing to see the sun shining, blue skies, and also be able to go outdoors without earmuffs, gloves, flannel-lined pants, and heavy parka. Sophie and I walked for almost 3 miles yesterday in the beautiful sunshine.

The next ten days are supposed to be more of the same and I am looking forward to it! I hope everyone else is having warmer, beautiful weather, too.

I started a new quilt this past week. I have a few kit quilts that must be made and completed before I am allowed to purchase new quilt fabric. I bought the pattern and fabric kit for this Ruby Slippers quilt (above) quite a few years ago, at the AQS show, and am finally getting around to making it. Because I have to make almost 300 half-square triangles that finish out at 1 1/4", I am investing in Thangles. I've read good comments about them, so I hope they will help my HSTs be accurate and my quilt to be reasonably square. (ack)