Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday ??

Sometimes I wonder which planet I live on.  What's all this about "Black Friday " ?  I think this is the first year I've ever heard of it.  I had an email from Amazon saying that they were having a "black Friday" sale.. At first I thought that we must have a Friday 13th coming up, but I see we are further along in the month than that (  :) ...) Then I heard on the radio,that Black Friday was probably the busiest shopping day in America .... yesterday I received another email, this time from " Better Books" telling me that they were having a sale too.......  Sounds to me that it's just another day to be bullied into buying things that we neither need  nor want ! But when did it start and what is the thinking behind the "black" bit ?   Curious minds need to know.

All is well down here in NZ.  We have a volcano blowing it's top in the Nth Island, but nothing serious !  The weather is moderate. We are still waiting for those sunny summer days.. They seem a long time coming this year.  I have finished the Christmas gifts that I was making and have returned the spare bedroom to it's original purpose. (I use it for a sewing room , the light is good there and the view of the garden is inspiring !) I sent my cards and gifts to UK this week.  Nearly had to take a mortgage out to cover the postage..

Friends called in last night in their "just bought but not new" MG sports car !  Wow !   I'm not a car fancier myself, but  that one certainly pressed my buttons !!  It's a fun car meant for happy times.  I could be tempted ....

We've become a community of "demolition watchers."  One of the tallest buildings in Christchurch is due to come down today, crowds will gather ! Personally I am more interested in the rebuild, but there's not a lot of that to see just yet...

Enjoy the week end.


Good morning

Good morning- my comments about gray sky are over, nice and sunny now.  Sunny now, just cooler. We had a good time with our friends yesterday.  Called DD and family last night, she made home made everything, including butter.  The only shopping I am doing today are 1- weed killer at the Ace hardware, 2-basic photo album for the half of my recipes that keep falling out of the other book.
Do any of you get up really early to go shop?  Or go out at midnight?  Somehow I think "shopping" is  some type of American disease that maybe others don't have.
I did OK with eating, not too much, no nuts.
Sara in Fla.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fabric with money in it

Does anyone remember seeing fabric that had monopoly money or other money in it?  Trying to find some, no matter how small the piece is. Lavinia/AZ

Thanksgiving pet safety

Here is an article from the American Kennel Club regarding things to watch out for at Thanksgiving.  We all want our best friends to stay safe at this time of year.

Our Murphy is in the hospital after being hit by a pickup right before Halloween.  Thankfully, he is on the mend, but the vet told us today that he will be on call all weekend, attending to a lot of gastro-intestinal problems caused by pets eating goodies that they shouldn't have eaten.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Gray sky in Fla

This is supposed to be the Sunshine State.  I think the weatherman forgot to talk to the tourist bureau.
We did see the sun for about 4 hours yesterday afternoon, but so far none today.
I helped load up the Operation Christmas Child boxes this morning.  Whew!  I thought my SUV had lots of room until we started putting them in.  Between me and a mom and teen we got 300 boxes loaded and to the drop off spot.  An 18 wheeler truck was there and the shoe boxes went into large carton boxes, then in the large truck.  They should be on there way to the Atlanta, Ga. Area now.
Lavinia, your pattern came today.  I'm not sure I understand it, but will look at it again in the morning when I am fresh.
We don't get many "Snow birds" here in North Fla.  They usually go to Daytona and parts south.  They are just on the interstate.
Happy Thanksgiving to the USA people.  Missed wishing the Canada people that last month.  I'm going to be careful what I eat and drink.  Maybe allow myself one glass of wine with the dinner (at friend's house).  Apple pie instead of pecan.
Cheers, Sara in Fla.