Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday at the beach

Another load in the little car this morning.  At times like this I miss the SUV. But now the gas price to fill it up.
I took an hour nap on the couch just now, the daylight savings time is messing with me!  I look forward to not having boxes everywhere!  Empty ones and full ones.
My quilt room right now has a dryer sitting in the middle of it.  The dryer that was here has a different hook up than mine, so the cords will have to be changed.
Some time later in the week our contractor friend will come over and tell us how much it will cost to change the 1/2 bath by the kitchen to a pantry.  Will have to have a plumber remove the toilet and sink, can donate them to Habitat for Humanity,and the dryer to Salvation Army.
Itching to go make a quilt!
Sara in Fla.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Three of the last four times I've used directions from the computer, they've been off.  One said the doctor's office was  .1 miles from the main road when it was actually 3.1 miles.  Another directed me to Louise Street when the spot was on Brooklyn St.  Each seemed worse.  I am not wanting a GPS now.  Am directionally challenged anyway.  It seems strange that our brightest grand daughter is also. Hits one or two in each family.  The advent of keys that beep horns and turn on lights was a godsend to me.  Now I can find my car in the parking lot.  
I felt even more directionally challenged when beginning New York Beauty blocks.  Had not done them for several years and had forgotten that all is backward.  Feel dyslexic until it gets back in my mind firmly.  Reminder:  place the background fabric on the bottom when stitching points.   This is a very bright quilt.  It began with a cheddar batik and jewel tones of:  violet,  blue, green and orange.  It was out of control.  Am using a blossom in the center of each block and wanted the cheddar to be the arc.  Did not work at all.  Thought a bit on it and realized that to look like a summer garden, it needed sky and leaves.  The arcs are now a soft blue or green .  The cheddar batik may end up on the back.  Will post a few of the finished blocks.
Spring break is here.  #1 son was down from Alaska.  He got snowed in at a math conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Flights were cancelled and he had to drive to Las Vegas to get a flight home.  #2 son arrives this evening.  He and his son will fly to Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow to check out the college at Tempe.  They will return on Wednesday to do the same at Boise State.  Needless to say, I'm pulling for Boise.  Always nice to have the grandkids close.
Our weather is wonderful, 63 yesterday.  Sorry, Rosey.  Have only done cleanup outside.  Am not ready to turn the water on yet.  Know that snow can come through the end of March.  We still have freezing temps at night.  Am enjoying the bright primroses in the entryway.  Love that color but too soon to plant elsewhere.  Not too soon to buy, though.  Have some double ruffled summer daffodils to plant.  Plus bleeding heart, lily of the valley, Asian lilies and dahlias.  Can hardly wait.  Something about digging in the soil is good for my mind.
Tomorrow will be a year since DH passed.  In many ways, the year has flown by.  Perhaps that is because of the many changes.  Good that I like change as there is no choice. Maybe it is age.  I've noticed that time goes faster now.  We purchased this home 9 years ago.  Appliances are original which means 15 years.  The microwave began sparking. The oven went out.  And, the dishwasher was acting up.  All are replaced in shiny white as i'm not a fan of stainless steel.  Would need to paint the hickory cupboards white for that.  Replaced the furnace and a/c last fall.  Hope it is set for awhile...
The house in Arizona closed at a 40% loss.  Hate that and thought hard about not selling and trying to rent it.  Decided that is too difficult to manage while living out of state. Best to take the loss and be rid of it.  It needed a new roof at the inspection which made the loss higher.  At least the monthly expenses are over and some cash is coming.
Learned that I needed a cream for eczema that was $200 per tube.  The dermatologist suggested purchasing it from a compounding pharmacy who makes it for $45.  What does that tell us about pharmaceutical companies?  Amazing markup for mass production when it can be handmade for less than a quarter of the cost.  

hi eveyone!

I haven't been on here in ages. Good to see familiar names.

I'd like to get a hold of Mary in Kansas. Has anyone seen her post or know how to get in contact with her? my email is

Thanks, Sandi in MN