Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday at the beach

Another load in the little car this morning.  At times like this I miss the SUV. But now the gas price to fill it up.
I took an hour nap on the couch just now, the daylight savings time is messing with me!  I look forward to not having boxes everywhere!  Empty ones and full ones.
My quilt room right now has a dryer sitting in the middle of it.  The dryer that was here has a different hook up than mine, so the cords will have to be changed.
Some time later in the week our contractor friend will come over and tell us how much it will cost to change the 1/2 bath by the kitchen to a pantry.  Will have to have a plumber remove the toilet and sink, can donate them to Habitat for Humanity,and the dryer to Salvation Army.
Itching to go make a quilt!
Sara in Fla.


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