Thursday, March 27, 2014

It seemed to work, thanks!

Quilters are the best!
Was Facebooking and texting a quilting friend in Va. Beach, VA. about my St. Patrick's day placemats, and saying my fingers were swollen.  She texted me back about a supplement she had been taking that has Glusomine,  Tumerick, egg shell membrane, and a few other things.  Since she was going to her mini-group that morning she offered to get a bottle, (quilter's husband buys it by the case) and sell it to me for her cost.  Now isn't that nice?  And good timing that she was going that morning.
DH and I each drove a car up to Savannah, GA yesterday to sell the '07 SUV.   A young nurse and her boyfriend drove down from Charleston, S.C. to buy it.  It sold for the asking price, we went to the local bank, went out to lunch and drove back home in the RAV4 -also a Toyota, just smaller.
Stayed home most of the day to play catch up.  Yard man came, we talked about trimming the winter freeze damaged plants, getting the back yard looking decent.  I have always done this by now, but with the pollen, swollen fingers, and time with Mom, just paying someone this year.
Off to read Fannie Flagg's latest book.  She is such a good writer, "Southern Humor".  This one is The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion.  Had to be on the waiting list for 3 mo. at the library, but not paying $27.00 for a book these days.
Sara in Pollen filled No. Florida

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trying paragraphs

Let's see

Sara in Fla

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Snoopy Dance!!!  The christening dress got finished, and DGD was baptized this morning while wearing it.   She was a happy camper through the entire regular Sunday morning service and charmed us all with her cuteness and personality.  Because, really, ladies, let's admit it --- one's own grandchild is the absolute cutest ever, right?   LOL

I made the dress from 100% cotton batiste and used machine embroidery designs that DDIL chose from a design collection I have,  from the Christening 2 Collection  at
These machine embroidery designs are digitized to stitch out on very lightweight fabrics like batiste and organza, and they are gorgeous.

I will try to post a picture of the hem and dress, and hopefully it will work.   ;-)
Okay... looks like it worked so far.  I laid the hem over a navy blue throw, so that the embroidery design would show up better.   After it stitched out, I had to use my 10X magnifying glass to carefully (!!!) trim away the excess fabric below the scalloped hem.  I just want to hug whoever invented the OTT 'LED'  light with that 10x magnifying glass.