Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday afternoon

It is 78 here and sunny.  What crazy weather!  My DD in North D. called all crying and upset this morning, she has an eye infection that isn't getting any better, her husband out of town, and a blizzard is going on.  The Dr. is in the next town, roads to icy to drive on.  Etc, I feel so sorry for her, but she lives too far away for me to take a pot of soup.  (Looks like the North middle of U.S. is being hit hard with this storm 6-12 inches of snow expected)
I think she had a bad reaction to the eye drops she was given my family Dr.--and she tends to get anxious when her DH is away.  Advised her to take Benedryl to reduce the inflamation all over her face.  She and boys are staying with a GF for the night.
I on the other hand feel good.  Walked 2 miles this morning, sunny day.  Almost all the bins of Christmas stuff away.  2 more to fill.
I got up early to do the script on the current quilt  "Live well and be happy".  Instead of cutting it out and fusing or applique it to top, making bias tubes to use.  About 1/2 done with it.
DH is at condo working on plumbing issue, then seeing a guy movie.  We hope the good weather holds a day or 2 more so we can go bike riding in the morning.  Didn't go last week, as it was cool and foggy and windy.
What's everyone else up to?
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Busy day!!

I think it was either here or on the Yahoo! BBChat that someone mentioned a new way to be productive. Instead of a things to do list, they suggested writing down the things you get done through the day. Even little stuff counts. Anything you know needs doing. It encourages you when you see how much you've achieved and sometimes it's what I need to keep going, so I can have another "done thing" on my list. Well today was a real winner day!

I've been tired out for about the last 18 mos, what with changing churches (a big thing for me, and also after 3 years of disappointments, struggle and fruitless, unappreciated effort to improve the situation), DH had surgery for a detached retina and a month's supposed bedrest, etc. This December I had no tutoring classes at all, which made things tight, but my goodness I needed a rest. And I got one at last!

Today I woke up all by myself at 7.45 AM, hoping to get into the hairdresser at 8.30, but she wasn't open. So I beat it back home and had breakfast, cleaned out the fridge, washed the bedroom and utility space curtains (big picture window thing) and rehung them, cleared up generally, sewed on some buttons that have been orphaned for some time, and even finally made a new Bible slip-on cover out of a pair of jeans! I don't have a camera that will upload piccys or I would. I am so proud of it, even though it's a definite "orphan of the storm". Working with denim is not easy, and my craftsmanship leaves quite a bit to be desired, but still. I cut the front out of the front of the body, where the side pocket with the "fob pocket" is. Then I cut the back out using the back pocket as my guide. The inside flaps I cut from the narrow part of the leg. Finishing is what kinda let me down, but now that it's machined I may unpick that part and roll the hem by hand along the bottom of the cover. For the top, of course, I had the waistband with belt loops! The two pockets give me a place for my pens and offering. The cover I bought in the Bible bookstore years ago was getting holes worn in it, and turned out to be a strange kind of plastic-covered pasteboard, instead of being the vinyl I thought it was. Even the fish symbol turned out to be sort of stapled on, so I pried it off and attached it to the new cover! I cut it a bit big to start with, as a too-large cover can always be reduced, but if you don't have enough fabric you're sunk! Ended up "taking it in" a bit but then I remembered jeans get tight when you wash them, and I tossed the finished cover in the machine with some other stuff. Came out a treat.
By that time it was 1.30 and definitely time for lunch! My back muscles were starting to stiffen up on me. Then just at lunch time I got a phone call from someone I had spoken to just before the holidays. It's a man who never finished highschool, and now wants to study art at college. There's a special exam people can take if they're over 25 (he's 29) and part of it is English translation of a paragraph. So he'll be working with me until April at least. Boy that is a relief. He came this evening and I like him very much.

BTW: Has anyone heard from Silvia in Columbus NJ lately? We correspond quite regularly usually and I haven't had an email from her in about 3 weeks. Does anyone know, is she OK? I'm starting to worry just a tad.

I may have trouble sleeping tonight, since I took a muscle relaxant--Robaxin-- and they do tend to keep me awake (paradox, innit?). Thank goodness for my e-book readers! I fought against them at first but what would I do without them now! I bought a copy of Steinbeck's Sweet Thursday in paper a few months ago and it cost me 15 Euros (and is poorly typeset and full of typographical errors, even though it's from Penguin!), while I can download classic novels etc from Project Gutenberg free gratis for nothing. Not to mention the Ethereal Library for Christian classics and a few others for things in Spanish and French. Half their stuff is either totally unavailable in paper, or would be hideously expensive to buy. When I know it's going to be a white night, I just tell myself "You're on night duty, anna, you can't go to sleep until 2 AM anyway." And I read. I bought the first one (a Papyre, Spanish brand) and DH gave me another one last Christmas, as I read so much during insomnia episodes that the batteries are always recharging.

But I haven't had a sleeping pill in over 4 mos. Well done me!
Keep smiling ladies.
anna in spain

Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome back Anna

Goodmorning, and welcome back Anna;
I have often wondered about  you.  It is good to see  you post.  Yes, this blog (or board) seems to change like the wind.  I have been at the beach for 2 weeks while our DD, DSIL and grand boys had taken over our house.  The house is 3 bd, 2 bath, and not enough room for 8.  Thankfully the weather was decent, except for cold, no rain or really bad weather.  The boys all passed around colds, but it was good to see them, hug them.  They are all growing like weeds.  The oldest is 16, has hair in his eyes and mumbles.  He was always the introvert, and now more so.

So, the visit was good, and they are back home in N. Dakota, where it is 10 degrees.  Burrr!  The SIL has to drive to Nebraska today, for work.  I hope he doesn't hit snow, as it is about a 10 hr. drive.

After the foot Dr. apt. this morning I am going to have help come help me clean up, and then get my quilty room back so I can quilt in it.  Itiching to do something.  There is a trundle bed that needs 2 people to get it back in place.  Then I can put the ironing board up.  I never put it down except when there is company using the room.

Some (somewhat) local quilt stores are having a shop hop the 17,18, 19, and 20th of the month.  I don't need more fabric, but think I need some girlfriend fun, so hope to do it.  It would require a fair amount of driving, so hope to find 2 or more friends to go with me.

Anna-you asked about recycling.  We just have basic recycling here.  One day a week, blue plastic bin, fill with newspapers, cans, plastic bottles.  They will take the bottles with or without the tops.  I put my yogurt containers (32oz) in it.  Our city says it costs more to recycle than to just put it in the garbage, but it keeps some of the stuff out of the land fill.   In the AM when I walk the 2 dogs I take an extra plastic bag to pick up beer cans, water bottles.  I draw the line at cigarette buts, and other small items.  Also, they have to be within easy reach.  There is a drainage ditch along the road, and some things fall in there.  I only go where I can stretch my arm.  Don't want to fall in and hurt myself.  LOL it is only about 2 feet deep at the deepest, but it is for the rainwater to go to river.

Good to be home and sleep in my own bed.  Doing lots of laundry, sheets, towels, etc. the crowd left.
Sara in Fla.  Where there is no sunshine this AM.