Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday in the country

When we moved into our home in the country, there was an attached garage but also a driveshed (detached) garage.  It never looked quite finished, sort of an afterthought, so this year the chap who fixed the ceiling in my studio around the skylights which had leaked for years until we had a new roof put on the house last year, looked at the driveshed and said, why don't you do something with it.  There was already a parking space beside it, so we covered the space in and created a carport.  He also added slanting boards at either side of the entrance at the top and added a frame around each opening.  Spring will see it stained a slate grey.  There had been rot due to weather and squirrel conditions (squirrels seem to eat through wood out here in the country).  This is last week's snow.  Thankfully, much of it has gone.

This afternoon, looking for a calendar for my 6 year old granddaughter so that she can be taught to make her bed, clean up her toys and if she does, a sticker could be applied to each day.  I looked for gold stars or gold circles.  Do you think I could find such a thing....stickers have changed since my days of raising gold stars, no gold circles.  Fancy stickers with all shapes and sizes, popular movie theme characters, etc.  So much choice, I was overwhelmed.  I'm wondering why life has become one of so many choices and too much visual stimulation.
Rosey in Ontario, Canada