Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful photos

Marion in NZ - What gorgeous pictures! Thank you for posting them. The fast motorboat ride would have given me more gray hair than I already have, traveling so fast between a wall of rocks. yikes.

We've had a break, of sorts, from our heat wave. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were gorgeous, all under 90 degrees F and lower humidity. Today we're back to business as usual but it's not quite as bad. 94 should be the high with 50% humidity, and then all next week highs will hover around 90F. We've had a summer that has been as hot as our last winter was cold. Extreme climate! It will be interesting to see what winter brings us, in the upcoming months.

It's so nice to be able to post again. :o)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nervously trying again...

South Island. New Zealand.

This is the first time that I have tried to post two photos at once, I hope it works..( I'm sure there must be an easier way..... )

The first shows the thrill seekers, jet-boating on the Shotover river (near Queenstown)

The second one (which I posted first, by the way ..) is of the grandchildren and DSIL taking a break at Lake Wanaka en route to Queenstown.

Hope the w/end is going well. It's been sunny here but we will be getting a heavy frost tonight. Brrrrr.....

Marion. (oops ! the photos have disappeared...)

Mt Cook.

Taken from Lake Pukaki last week, on our way home from Queenstown. Beautiful isn't it ? We could see it for miles and miles, perfect conditions, cloudless blue sky. It's not always like that !

Still cold and wet here but the snow has gone, even the snow-man has disappeared !

Enjoy the week-end.

Marion .

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yeahhhh they fixed it

I can come on board.
So as you can see we came home and our trip to Newfoundland was fantastic.
We were gone 14 days and travelled almost 7100 km. Saw icebergs, whales, the first settlement by the vikings.The Atlantic Oceans and spent two days in St. John. Mind you it rained the two days that we were there.
Went to Rita McNeils Tea room and met her. A really nice lady.
No quilt shops though. Kind of tough being the only quilter on a bus with 30 other people. Golly they do not see the need to look for a fabric shop. Whats up with that, I ask you.
One of the best things we have ever done was go on that trip.
Now we are home until next week when we go down to SO for a family reunion.
Then it is home to wait for the hospital to phone and tell me they have me scheduled for my second knee replacement.
Where will be the time to do any quilting????
Thinking about all of you at different times. Take care
and happy sewing.

Back on line...

I feel as if I've been out of touch forever ! We had a "blast from the south" last w/end which brought freezing temperatures and a huge dump of snow ! All very exciting for about five minutes but the novelty soon wore off ! It coincided with the return of our DD and her family from their skiing holiday down south. We had returned earlier in the week. We were all fortunate to have good driving conditions for the 8hr drive. That all changed on Saturday. Roads and mountains passes were closed and nobody in their right mind, left home.

DSIL left on Sunday morning and was lucky to get away. The rest of the family left on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were largely spent indoors, the children mostly plugged into electronic devices of one sort or another. ... We have never had this much snow here before. It looked very pretty but, despite our best attempts, several of our trees and shrubs have been damaged and the spouting on the garage was close to falling. DH fixed that yesterday. The spouting around the house was not a worry, we have it covered with a special netting, years ago, to prevent it filling with leaves etc...

The visit went very well , the family had good skiing down south and also did all the "extreme" and "adventure" activities, Bungee jumping, jet boating etc . All very expensive but this was the trip of a life time and they made the most of it. They all seem very settled here. We enjoyed our time with them all. It proved helpful that we had spent Christmas with them in HK. and have visited their schools in UK.. They loved looking at old videos of themselves. When they were pre-schoolers they lived in Australia for a few years, and we visited often.

The house is very quiet now that they have gone. I cleared the bd/rms yesterday, washed and ironed the pillow cases, today it's the turn of the towels ! I will leave the sheets until we get a good drying day. The winter wood has served us well but we may well have to restock before the end of winter, after this last week ! The pantry is still over flowing with food which neither DH or I will use. A good week for the Food Bank.

Yesterday it was announced that one out of every five homes, in our neighbouring small town , is on land that can no longer be regarded as "viable for rebuilding" There will be a lot of sad people there. The government will buy the properties at the last valuation. (2008) The problem is, where will these people go ? They all want to remain in the area , having family and friends and a lifetime of memories etc. There is pressure on land around here as Christchurch quake victims are also keen to move north too.. All this and the snow, must make for very difficult times for families affected.

So, that's me for now ! We were without the Internet for the days , I did miss you all !


Annie-No is right, Doris

I found a big chunk out of my Capel rug yesterday and I could have wept. The rug will have to be repaired or forever sit underneath a piece of furniture on that edge of the rug. I can't for the life of me figure out when she did it. She's checked often for chewing stuff...not often enough, I guess. Hope has the look of resignation on her face, doesn't she. And believe me, it's accurate. She is SO patient with that pup that I think she should win the Order of Canada for it.

Bee, Kathi emailed me a website that will keep me getting into trouble when I flush, forever. But thank you for offering to do it for me and if I find I can't get on again, which seems the case with the BB site, I'll remember your kind offer.

It looks to be building up to a hottie today. That used to be a phrase used for good-looking fellows in my day. Now it refers to the

Stepdaughter, Katie, came to spend the day with me with granddog, Oliver, yesterday. It's nice when adult kids make the effort to spend time with the folks who raise them. We had a lovely day together and she actually tried to get my new breadmaker working. I did hear her's some money, go to town and buy bread. Nothing is ever easy these days. I did a survey before purchasing the machine but every basket in the new breadmakers only makes a one pound or so loaf. I feed too many people with the B&B so it wasn't easy finding a machine now that makes a 2 pound loaf. We read the directions together, she sat down in the rocking chair in the kitchen and said: why can't they make things simple anymore. There are digital buttons to push for this and that. We were both frustrated by a breadmaking machine.

Miss Annie is squeaking at Geordie, the 15 plus year old Aussie here. That means she'll have Geordie flat on the floor as his arth-er-itis is so bad that he gets knocked over easily. He enjoys playing with her while his dignity is still intact. Most often, it isn't. Not easy to see formerly active and wild-child dogs growing older, stiffer and grumpier. Like us humans, it seems.


It's a miracle! I can post!

I clicked on the "Sign In" icon in upper right corner, mostly just for the heck of it, and . . .. voila! . . . I got the dashboard. Yay! IN fact, I saved *that* page as a bookmarked Favorite. I hope Google has got the glitch fixed permanently.

ROSEY P - looks like Annie-No! is living up to her name. She is a beautiful dog.
Hope still has that look in her eye that says, "Ma..... why did you bring this thing into the house???" (LOL)


send request to me and I will post for you. Hugs bee in NZ. Addy as above in my last post.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Website

New Website

Miss AnnieBelle & Hope in kitchen

just hot off my daughter's digital today...see that nice Capel rug. There is another one in the other part of the kitchen. Annie has chewed a corner off it. These rugs come from the US. One day it's going to go back to be rewoven....minus Annie's teeth. She's seven months old.

I can't post to the BB. If anyone else can and wouldn't mind copying my dots fabric request, I'd appreciate it. Can't get it to work.


new post

is the one.I have no trouble posting, just have to try to have something to say . I never sign out and just click on new post. I also still have my old email addy up there but am too scared to change it . I have a saying "if it's not broken don't change it"My email is now My kids idea to have that not mine. Cold here didn't want to get up today, we didn't get snow but most of the country did. I haven't heard from Marion recently , snowed in my friend ?I was very envious of the photos of the skiers, then remembered just how cold it is on the mountain when the wind blows.Brrr Kathi, love the dogs, our lab used to dive for stones,and just loved the water, the idiot we have now hates it, water is the worst thing to happen to him.Bath time is a whole long story and would take much too long to tell.Hugs from a very cold Bee in NZ


Just wondering if anyone knows of an online quilt shop who sell polka dots...tone on tone, primarily. Don't know how to post to the other board but will try.

PS: Kathi, that pool is just gorgeous. Up here we have plastic liners in pools. Dog claws not good. Sara, enjoy your adventures n/w to ND. Keep a journal and let us know how you found your travels.

Now it's working for me

Not sure what happened in the meantime, but I got right in.

Here are a couple of dog pictures from our vacation to California. DD has two places in the shallow end of her pool that are for inserting the umbrellas. The dogs thought they were wonderful additions to the pool, but they each had a different method for trying to remove the holes.

Now it's back to the same old same old, although I did do a bit of stash enhancing while we were gone. I never have trouble picking out fabric, just a problem with sitting down and doing the actual using of the fabrics without a whole lot of cogitating beforehand.


Not posting?

I can hardly believe that Comcast has better service than other servers.
Not any problems with posting here.
Good new X 2! We got our vouchers for our Alegiant Airlines yesterday. Now that we are planing a road trip to N. D. The airlines doesn't fly to ND in Sept. evidently that know that the farmers are not going on vacation then. The vouchers are good until May 26,2012.
The other good news is that I went to the AAA office to plan the road trip and found that by driving to Nashville, TN, the next stop on the way is Paducah, KY. Must stop at Hancock's at least to feel the fabric, if not buy any. ( I don't NEED any fabric, but when did that stop a quilter?)
We plan to go to the Ozark national senic riverways, and bike trail just outside of Springfield MO.
Then to Kansas City, then straight up I-29 to ND.
Other than eating Bar-B-Q is there anything we should not miss in Kansas City?

Just looked in the upper right hand corner of this page.
There is Dashbord, my account, help and sign out. But, before clicking on the Chat page there was "New Posting". Maybe that is the confusion.
A group of us are going to see the movie "The Help" tonight. We all read the book together.
I highly recommend the book, will hold off on recommending the movie a day. If you are from The South-this might be a more meaningful book than people raised in Canada, other countries.
All I can say is that my parents didn't have an extra dime, and there was no hired help for us.
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


checking to see if I can log in

Monday, August 15, 2011

Signing in

The problem may be in the 'sign in' at the top right on the blog page. Once you manage to get it up, bookmark the site (I have it on my toolbar but since I switched to Windows 8, it and other stuff keeps falling off and I have to reset it). I upgraded on the advice of my computer store owner in town. I was perfectly happy with the old one, computer purchased in 2003 or thereabouts. I was told: Oh, you won't be able to get, etc. etc. and now I wish I hadn't bothered. These people who are into computers use them to a far greater extent than I do. Maybe this will help some of those who couldn't get on. I lost my sign in on my toolbar and tried to go in through the chat page sign in. Didn't work.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Testing

Laura posted on the regular WWQP BB page that she was having trouble posting a message on the Chat Page so I thought I would try.

Judy in Ohio