Friday, January 21, 2011

Hmmm, tornadoes or earthquakes? Hard to say what's worse, but I'm thinking earthquakes are. not just the top of the ground getting ruined but everything underneath. The only time I've felt an earthquake was in Nicaragua and it was just tiny aftershocks. I feel for those that have had to deal with the rebuilding, not just the buildings but lives as well.
All of the 50 states except West Virginia have had an earthquake, they need to keep their fingers crossed!

We just have bitter cold for a couple of days, just normal January weather for Minn. My hubby, son and I are going up north later today to help patrol at a big ice fishing contest tomorrow. I will be wearing LOTS of layers. If I fall down I may not be able to get up! We have bought some of those little hand warmer packets which will help. One thing about being in cold weather for extended periods, you can eat a lot and not gain weight. Your body burns more calories keeping warm.

Time to pack. Stay warm! Or cool, depending on where you are!
Sandi in mn

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Living with aftershocks

Marion, my nerves would be more than frayed living with the knowledge that the aftershocks from an earthquake could go on for a year following a major earthquake. I've experienced one about that size when living in a suburb of Toronto some years ago and it was a very 'eery' sensation and experience. I'm glad to know that you live in the country still instead of in-town.

Sara, I did watch the Golden Globes and what struck me was the fact that there appeared to be more 'stars' there than at the Academy Awards, likely because of the seating arrangements. I enjoyed that aspect very much and thought the costumes were creative except for Helena Bonham Carter's black dress. What also struck me was the number of 'stars' who were chewing gum. Sheesh...not good on camera.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Earthquakes or After-shocks....?

They all feel the same to me. We were woken this morning at 6a.m. by a 5.1 magnitude shake. It didn't last long and doesn't appear to have caused any damage. There have been several lesser shakes during the day. We are tired of them but have been told that this could go one for at least a year...? DH doesn't like them at all and DD#2 , who was down from Auckland for the holidays, was pleased to return home and get away from them.

Thankfully, the days have been slightly cooler and we had some much needed rain on Tuesday. That has freshened everything up. A friend came out to get some help with some quilting. It quite inspired me. Maybe we will form a group of two and meet regularly through the winter. I find I achieve far more if I quilt with a buddy.

So pleased to know that there are no rivers about to burst their banks near to you Fran. How's retirement going ? I expect you are wondering how you ever had time to go to work !

Marion (who must continue with the reclaiming of her home following the great "visitation" last week...)

another earthquake

Marion, I woke this morning to the news of another earthquake (NOT an after-shock) near Christchurch. They said most of the Sth Island could feel it but there was minimal damage.....? Did you feel this one too?

In this part of Australia, on the edge of the desert and nowhere near any rivers, plus not getting any rain to speak of, we have missed out on what has been happening elsewhere. Over the past month all the states on the east coast plus parts of Western Aust have had flooding rains and rivers, and it's still going on.....Queensland last week (as you know), Victoria now! The biggest river flows through our state to the sea, but a different part, and they are expecting flooding as well in the weeks to come as many of the Qld rivers flow into it. Can't believe the scope of it least 1/5 of the whole continent affected, probably!

Still, even with the tragic deaths which have happened, and some people still missing, we have not had the huge loss of life in the floods and mudslides in Brazil at the same time.

And then there's all this extra ice and snow and storms in the northern hemisphere. "Mother Nature" is certainly making herself known right now.

HUGS to all who need it, or who know those who do.

How is everyone?

Marion--are you any cooler? Do you have air conditioning in your house?
Jane--Did the ice ever melt? Have you been able to get out?
We have had rain -first on Monday, then last night. We really need it, have been in drought conditions over the past 4-6 months.
What's going on in Canada? Any quilting?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night?

I only watch to see the dresses.
January Jones in that red thing! Ugh. The top looked like two red bandaids.
The winner was (? first name) Portman, IMHO. Beautiful maternity dress.
I'm also glad the cast of Glee won so many awards. I know the show is sort of trashy, but the singing is wonderful.
It's raining hard here. Just taking a break from sewing strips onto my jacket sleeves. Hope to finish up the sleeves today.--besides doing laundry.
Sara in Fla.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Soooooooooooooo hot here.....

I've loved the photos of the snow. We have had some really hot days here , today it was 33C. We 've also had strong winds too, so it hasn't been very pleasant.

DD#2 and her family left this morning . They have been down here from Auckland for two weeks. They arrived a few hours after we returned from Hong Kong. That makes nearly a month of being with one or other of our daughters and their families.... A very special month . Quite looking forward to being just the two of us again though ! Especially when it comes to doing the super-market shopping ! DGD aged 15, spent time with me on the computer trying to show me how to do things... It all seems so easy to those quick little fingers and sharp minds..!

Terrible hardship in Queensland, Australia , following the recent flooding. There will be food shortages after this, with so many of the crops washed away.

Keep warm, all you people in the snow !

Marion, who is sweltering in NZ.