Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pat in Flint MI/Rosey

I cannot believe it! I just wanted to come here and tell Pat how much I like her bags and accessories - I really like them Pat. They are beautiful. Thank you Rosey for being the messenger.

What I cannot believe is how google felt they had to change my post address to one my son created for me for some other purpose (of which I have long forgotten) and he just straightened the password on it so I could enter easily again. Well google had other surprises, but I circumvented them with persistence and used my original account to, once again, easily post. Don't let the big guys keep you down - quilters have persistence, to say nothing of those of us of a certain age who are tired of being pushed around.

So I will be even more cocky and try to find a picture of some recent work to post. LOL Wish me luck.
What you see are water bottle carriers and a book holder for my granddaughters. I have some recent quilt finishes, but am also having issues with some of my photo locations. Some day I'll get them on here, maybe.

Pat's Purse

Imagine me putting up pictures when I was so and still am electronically challenged.  Pat was a longtime member of the former Chat Board.  We all miss it.  Back then, it was new, it was spontaneous and it was fun.  For me, it culminated in Rosey's Retreat, an event I walked through with the help of Doris, Celia, Jean and Maggie Meadow Mouse.  Without asking too many questions, these folks kept me laughing at a very difficult time in that week when my husband went into hospital.  Without the support of quilters like that, I'm not sure I would have made it through all of the events and the people who kindly attended the Retreat.  And we mustn't forget Linda from Minn, who has since passed away and the fun we had tying balloons to the back of her chair, seven of them, one for each of her children.  I think it was seven...And then the spam started.  I had an Australian Shepherd breeder in my life at the time who was very clever with computers and the internet and who enjoyed bedeviling me about this and that.  I knew her posting cadence well, her patterns of speech and would recognize the unknown person posting in order to stir up trouble, like throwing a rooster in the midst of a hen house, sometimes she'd have feathers flying because of her insulting one or the other.  So many Viagra postings...did we want to sign up for a case of Viagra?  Nope, the free website became inundated with spam and so the site was closed and opened up as a members only site...and oddly enough that did not stop the dog breeder from 'hounding' me still...she had a friend sign up, post a snide posting, I notified the webmaster of this site, he took her out immediately, so there are some good things about being a members only site.  I'm not sure what the problems are in signing on, as truly I am electronically challenged as well as machinery-challenged and yet I did manage it somehow.  If you can't get on and would like to post after trying to sign up, my email is down below and I'm happy to post for you.  At least for now.

Just home from a very hot and humid morning at the Wit's End Horse Trials.  Up to the farm at 1/4 to 8 this morning, standing outside in the heat and sun until 12:30 as a dressage volunteer marking off entrants, directing horses down the hill along the grassy pathway to the dressage ring for their tests.  I'm home now and sure my blood pressure shot up standing out there in the sun.  Back up tomorrow as a jump judge (believe me, I was a very green rider (inexperienced) when I did ride years ago, but love horses and like to help out volunteering at trials when I can).
Rosey in Canada

Friday, June 27, 2014

From Pat in Flint, MI via Rosey's posting service

I am one of those who read about once a week, have tried to post I don't know how many times and it never shows up.  I have even tried to post a comment, never shows up.  I am not especially tech savvy but the Chat Page is beyond me at this point.  I don't recall the year the Chat Page first started but I bought my first computer and was lucky to stumble upon it.  I recall celebrating everyone's birthday and other memorable occasion.  We used to send comfort blocks to friends for various reasons.  Kitty used to be the one to remind all of us when it was a special occasion.  I miss the old page and the activities we participated in.

I don't do a lot of sewing these days.  I still make quilts every now and then.  Made a baby quilt last month for a soon-to-be mom.  I make purses more than I do quilts though.  Not to sell, just for me and a few friends.  It's a quicker project than a quilt usually.  I took the Master Gardener classes a few years ago and discovered I really enjoy pulling weeds (Rosey's comment, Pat can you move in here !!) and building a garden.  I spend a lot of time doing that these days as a volunteer gardener in various community garden projects.  Gardeners are just as wonderful as quilters.  I will try to post a photo of a purse I have made in a separate email (Rosey's comment:  suspect it will come into my inbox first !)

I do enjoy reading the Chat Page...keep up the good work,
Pat in Flint, MI.

(Rosey's comment:  I don't check for spelling mistakes.. not part of the typing service)

Friday June 27th

Hard to believe we're into the last part of June after we had such a long winter, which dragged towards the end and now it's summer and it's flying by far too fast.  I almost want to hug it and greedily tuck it away where Mother Nature and winter can't find it.

I received a lovely note from Pat Seals in Michigan this morning and I've emailed her to ask if I might post part of her letter here on the Chat Board.  She has tried, like many others, to post and been unsuccessful, so I would be happy to do so for anyone who wishes to email me (and since the board is private I'm trusting my email address won't be gathered up for spam).  I recently had to pay an entry fee to an exhibit by PayPal and I immediately had two spam phishings (sp?) come into my inbox and the same source is still trying to tell me that I ordered $102 worth of merchandise for which they need personal information in order to deliver it to me.  Not so.  Because of our B&B I cannot change my email address because I don't know where it's now gone on the internet.  So I'll put it at the end of my posting.

And the three panels of eco cotton sheer curtains I wanted to order from Gudrun Sjoden...well, I dropped into Fabricland today to see if they had anything comparable...they didn't nor did I expect them to as sheer cotton is hard to find...but my economic brain figured out the exchange and the fact that I couldn't order anything under $150 US and then pay Canada Customs on top of, I've been having second thoughts.  I bought a somewhat sheer polyester lace instead for curtains...and I will have to make sewing machine and I are never on what I would call good terms and I have to force myself to use it.  I need to put something on my studio windows which overlook our back porch where guests sit and I have no privacy otherwise, without something on that bank of windows.  Motivation enough to become acquainted with my sewing machine again next week if I want to work in here while guests on sitting out on the porch.

So my email address is:  farmerswalkbandbATsympaticoDOTca

Monday, June 23, 2014

More on moving...

Seems as if this is something some of us are thinking about.... not easy though is it ?
We've been "thinking about it" for a few years now but decided that THIS was to be the year...  We are half way through the year now and haven't done more than look at a few places, then rush home to enjoy what we've got here, make a strong cup of tea and shudder at the thought of having close neighbours, street lights and noise to deal with... We don't seem to be looking for the same thing either which makes it interesting (!) We have seen a couple of new homes with all the whistles and bells, very "minimalistic" and tidy but not cosy or settled, no garden to speak of and nowhere for a "shed" for himself to hide in... we have also seen two older homes which appealed more to me, but himself doesn't like the fact that there may be upkeep issues and maintenance to worry about... Hey ho....It's mid-winter here and we have had weeks of very wet weather so that hasn't helped our outlook.....  Think we might leave it now until Sept time when things come back to life and we all have more energy..   So pleased for you Bee, can't think of anything nicer than to be settled with compatible family while still retaining your own independence..   We have two daughters, one lives between Scotland and Hong Kong, so that's not an option, the other lives in Auckland...near the top of the North Island (we are half way down the South Island..)  They may not be there forever, so it would be foolish to move there, we have thirty years worth of very good friends here, so are reluctant to move away.

Rosey, I looked up the Gudrun Sjoden web site and was amused to read.."colourful clothes for colourful women "  ....need I say more ??

Haven't been very creative lately..We have an army of ladies at church who knit "peggy squares" all through the year. These are colourful knitted squares about 8 inches by 8 inches.  These are then joined together to make warm blankets which then get sent over to central Europe orphanages (under the umbrella of Doctors without Borders)  I've been joining them together.... a nice mindless task for mid winter !  Fun too,  and not without challenge !

We are booked to go to Auckland this weekend to have a few days . Unfortunately, a close friend of the DH died yesterday, so will not be coming.  I need to go, we haven't been up to see the family since early March, and there's lots of things we need to talk through..

Heavy frost here (for us !! -2deg !) this morning. but we will have a clear sunny day out of it.  So much nicer than the wet days we've had recently. We had a years worth of rain in three days a couple of weeks ago...little wonder there was flooding everywhere and that we sprung a leak or two in the house !


P.S.   Thanks to the "regulars" who have kept the BB going.  :)