Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pat's Purse

Imagine me putting up pictures when I was so and still am electronically challenged.  Pat was a longtime member of the former Chat Board.  We all miss it.  Back then, it was new, it was spontaneous and it was fun.  For me, it culminated in Rosey's Retreat, an event I walked through with the help of Doris, Celia, Jean and Maggie Meadow Mouse.  Without asking too many questions, these folks kept me laughing at a very difficult time in that week when my husband went into hospital.  Without the support of quilters like that, I'm not sure I would have made it through all of the events and the people who kindly attended the Retreat.  And we mustn't forget Linda from Minn, who has since passed away and the fun we had tying balloons to the back of her chair, seven of them, one for each of her children.  I think it was seven...And then the spam started.  I had an Australian Shepherd breeder in my life at the time who was very clever with computers and the internet and who enjoyed bedeviling me about this and that.  I knew her posting cadence well, her patterns of speech and would recognize the unknown person posting in order to stir up trouble, like throwing a rooster in the midst of a hen house, sometimes she'd have feathers flying because of her insulting one or the other.  So many Viagra postings...did we want to sign up for a case of Viagra?  Nope, the free website became inundated with spam and so the site was closed and opened up as a members only site...and oddly enough that did not stop the dog breeder from 'hounding' me still...she had a friend sign up, post a snide posting, I notified the webmaster of this site, he took her out immediately, so there are some good things about being a members only site.  I'm not sure what the problems are in signing on, as truly I am electronically challenged as well as machinery-challenged and yet I did manage it somehow.  If you can't get on and would like to post after trying to sign up, my email is down below and I'm happy to post for you.  At least for now.

Just home from a very hot and humid morning at the Wit's End Horse Trials.  Up to the farm at 1/4 to 8 this morning, standing outside in the heat and sun until 12:30 as a dressage volunteer marking off entrants, directing horses down the hill along the grassy pathway to the dressage ring for their tests.  I'm home now and sure my blood pressure shot up standing out there in the sun.  Back up tomorrow as a jump judge (believe me, I was a very green rider (inexperienced) when I did ride years ago, but love horses and like to help out volunteering at trials when I can).
Rosey in Canada


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