Friday, March 21, 2008

Message forwarded, Jean

I'm sure Celia will be happy to hear that Kira is doing well. I have a friend who had a knee operation last fall and she lost a lot of weight; others have too, I'm told it is the painkillers that reduce the appetite. I can see where it would but I have to hit a brick wall before my appetite is affected and I could lose five pounds at least, myself.

The dogs had a great run up past the woods today and the blizzard deposited at least four to five feet of snow on the north side of the forest. The south side is like corn snow and some of the grass is showing beneath the pine trees. They had a great sniff-trip...likely what I'd compare a trip to Florida right now, they had up through the trees. The wild turkeys are in great abundance right now. And I heard my first red-winged blackbird singing sign that spring is coming although the starlings and the blackbirds are raiding my bird feeding station as they are back here too.

It's Good Friday and I'm ticked off with CBC (Can. Broadcasting Co.) because they are showing the Worlds Figure Skating Championships at 12 midnight. Why did they get the contract for this...I'll be surfing the network all week-end hoping to find some of it Sat. & Sun.

Lots of snow still but it will do the ground a lot of good as we've had some pretty dry summers recently.

Granddaughter Sarah has the chicken pox so Easter has been postponed for two weeks.
Happy Easter everyone.


Weight loss

Margaret commented that she wished she could lose 9 pounds like Kira did. I smiled, because the lady behind the desk at the vet's said the same thing. I told her I guess we'd have to hide all our regular food and just put out the diet stuff, because that's what I did for Kira. I've been struggling with my own weight this winter. I lost 13 pounds last year and gained back 7 of those pounds this winter. Grrrrr. It's so hard when the kids bring cookies and ice cream and the like in the house--and then they eat my 100 calorie packs that I buy for myself!!! We've had so much snow, too, that I've been hibernating more than I should too. We need Spring, so DD and I can get back to our walks!

On the subject of Spring, I got out a snowball quilt top that I made with 30's repro fabrics some time ago and put two of the three borders on it the other day. That gave me a little shot of Spring! So pretty. I hope to get the final border on it this weekend. I'll be glad when school's over (I'm homeschooling DS.) so I can get back to my quilting!

Jean in VT

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Final Kira Update

For Celia and anyone else who has been keeping tabs on our dog Kira who had the knee surgery: She had her six-week check-up today at the vet's and she's doing very well. She is walking on that leg now, though still favoring it, which the vet said is probably habit now more than necessity. He checked her leg thoroughly and was very pleased--no clicking, no stiffness, great range of motion--Kira just needs to build those muscles up again after six weeks of little use. Poor dear still has a LOT of hair to grow in on that leg, but hopefully when she sheds her winter coat the difference will be less noticeable--not that she probably cares all that much!

More good news is that she lost another 4 pounds! That puts her at a 9 pound total loss and within 5 pounds of where the vet would like to see her weight. The Fit & Trim dog food is doing its stuff--that and strict orders to the kids not to feed her table scraps! No wonder her knee went out on her; she was way too heavy, poor love. Maybe NOW the kids believe me...

Ack! DH is calling. Off for now.

Jean in VT

Monday, March 17, 2008

Need Website for Fabric Search

Oops - I recently lost all my favorites and now need the website to search for fabric. Could someone post it for me. Thanks.

Sue in Iowa

Need Website for Fabric Search