Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hi all,

I picked up my pretty virgin white Prius today!! I believe I'll be very satisfied. Starting and stopping is a challenge to adjust to but once it's going it's like driving any other car. Unfortunately I am now a pauper, but what the heck, you can't take it with you. I keep telling myself that it will pay for itself. So far the two disappointments are that I couldn't get leather upholstery without buying the top package and it was just too pricey. I like the leather primarily because of Shadow. It's a whole lot easier to keep presentable. The other is that XM is outrageously expensive to have factory installed. As soon as possible I'll buy a new receiver and take it to the auto stereo shop I did the last one who installed it beautifully for less than 20% of the factory installation job. I'd tell you what mileage I got on the way back home from Asheville but I couldn't figure out how to get it displayed. I'll play with it tomorrow in the driveway with the manual in hand.

The right eye will have cataract surgery on Wednesday so there won't be any driving for me for at least 24 hours. I had some problems driving today because the drops I'm using in preparation for the surgery is dilating the pupil and glare was a big problem even with the big shades worn over the regular glasses. Also fine focus is almost non-existent so I'll limit what I do about driving until things settle down toward the end of the week.

After that comes Grace's retreat and I'm sooo looking forward to that. In early November is the retreat in Toccoa, GA I attend almost every year. It takes place at the GA Baptist Conference center where we are shut away from the world taking our meals (somewhat institutional)on the campus. The dorms are just that, and many of the classrooms are in the same building and remain open 24 hours a day. I'm always in bed by 9:30 or 10 but some of the participants work almost all night. We see a lot of the same folks each year and have bonded. Price is right because room and board as stripped down to the necessities. Location is far enough south and much lower elevation so that their fall color is at its peak then and there is a lovely trail around a small lake. It's always my annual farewell to fall.

Gotta get back to bed so I can play with my new car tomorrow.

Jane in NC

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yes, Sara. I know how you feel. I live in NJ and we are flying to Orlando on Friday. Our plane leaves at 10:45, or it is supposed to... We may leave and circle for a while until we can land... But first we have to get off the ground. We may sit out on the runway, waiting to take off because of Hannah...
I was more worried about coming back. We are flying back Sept 11 and they keep changing our flight time, making it earlier and earlier. Now we asked them to get on back on a plane that leaves at 3:00 or so and they didn't charge us because of all the changes they made. So far the time has stayed the same... but who know. It can change again at any tiime..

I am hoping t hat Hannah takes a turn and goes out to the ocean. Maybe take Ike with it.... Maybe if everyone in FL takes a deep breath and blows it out facing East, it will blow Hannah away...... Ya think? I pray we both get to our destinations safely...
Donna, LEH,NJ

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fay gone, now for Hanna and Ike -gosh

Ah, the stormy month of September.
I just about finished cleaning up the yard trash after Fay, the tropical storm, now it seems Hanna and Ike are headed towards us.
We were without the internet and E mail for more than a week, but thanks to SIL have some contact with the world now.
We are scheduled to fly out of Jax. at 11:00 AM on Friday, but that is also the time that "Hanna" thinks she will give us rain, wind, and who knows what else. In talkingto my travel agent, there isn't anything we can do unitl the time of, as to change to Thursday would mean $200.00 in change fees, and I've already spent too much. Maybe they can fit us on the flight on Sat. morning if the airport is closed Friday.
I was going to finish up the 2nd QOV this afternoon, but after dealing with cleaning gutters, pulling weeds, etc, my sinuses tell me to stop.
Going to hold my head under the water and flush them out!
We have two storm shutters up, and will get the 3rd up after DH gets home about 6:00 PM. Better safe than sorry.
I'm glad those folks in New Orleans had better sense this time and got the heck out of Dodge. Storms arn't anything to take lightly.
Hope all is well in the quilty world out there.
Going to get out the Gore-Tex, the support hose (for the long plane trip) and assorted stuff. Found out that a quart size zip lock bag doesn't hold much, and will have to go easy on the hair gells, etc.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am amazed

Hi to all my friends, I am the one who the book 'computers for dummies" had in mind when they wrote the book. Quite a lot been happening here , we have a new, 4months, GD , her name is Cara and we think she is lovely. She is such a good baby our DD doesn't know she has a baby.Dh is still getting slower and his eyes are getting worse, no reading now, thank goodness for Sky he can see enough to watch the sport. We are so pleased the Spring has come, we were told last night August has had 21 days of rain. It seems much more, our garden is such a mess, I am going to be very busy soon. Not too much going on here during winter my fingers don't work too well in the cold so lots of books have been read. The quilts will start soon. So pleased I can get on here again , I used my old addy and it worked!!!! My new addy is i am not going to change it on the BB as I will get lost again. Lovely to make contact will write again , Bee in NZ

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keep trying Bee !

It would be so nice to hear from you again !


I am here again

I will check before I write anything .Tried this before and lost the lot . Bee