Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eden Grace

She is here , born Friday 16th at 6.30pm. We all had a real surprise as she has black hair and lots of it. Looked just like her sister until Joanne took her hat off and we all were completely surprised. For the last 55 years all the family babies were either bald or blonde. Harry had dark hair but not black. Must be the Irish coming out.She is so sweet and didn't make a sound just lay there watching all round the room. Am I a doting grandmother or what !!!!!! Now we all can sleep at night and not wonder when . Spring is supposed to be here but still cold and wet and the wind! I went into my lounge to sleep the other night as the corner of the house kept getting battered by the wind, the next morning I quite expected to see damage but so far apart from tree branches all is OK. I will be in the garden today unless the family come for lunch, usually on the weekend it is a queue for lunch. Today is pancakes, will go and make the batter and see who arrives...... Hugs my friends, Bee in a cool wet NZ

Monday, September 12, 2011


Jean in Mill Bay - What a beautiful quilt! This blogger site is nice because I was able to click on the picture and get a close-up view of those beautiful batiks.
I remember when Gucci came to live with you. It has been a while . . . Std Poodles are very intelligent dogs. Unlike CKCS . . .

Speaking of CKCS . . . here is "herself" after a day at the doggie spa a/k/a groomer. She always comes home exhausted. LOL

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The day that changed the world.

The day has been acknowledged here, with heartfelt sorrow. So many lives lost and so many lives changed forever. God bless America.


Thank you Donna

I couldn't get into CBS with your addy but went to CBS and page 43 is Steve's story. We have had many services in memory of the destruction of the Twin Towers and the USA is in all our hearts. Hugs Bee in NZ.