Saturday, February 21, 2009

Checking in

There doesn't seem to be much chat lately, so I thought I'd put my two cents in. I just came back from a 30th birthday party for a who used to babysit my kids when she was in high school (!) She's now expecting her third child. It was so funny to sit there and watch kids that I remember being in high school when I was the age they are now, and watching them with their kids. I guess that makes me old--or feel old anyway! It was fun to watch them and listen to them though.

Still cold here, and about a foot of snow is forecast for tomorrow. Just what I do not need! I want Spring! Oh, well; I'll just keep busy and eventually Spring has to come--right????

My poor sewing room is gathering dust. I've been either working in our carpet store or painting at DS's house. His entire second floor is just about done. Carpet went in three of the four bedrooms today, and all the bathroom needs is a bit of touch up and then the fixtures installed. The downstairs only needs one more room painted, but all of the windows on that floor need casings, and that's dusty and messy. Sigh....

Jean in VT

Monday, February 16, 2009

Clear as mud

Sara, I'm not much on politics or government policies but I do have an innate sense that whatever money is thrown at this economy will only drain the coffers for the future and that any money spent might be better spent keeping people in their own homes and supporting them there while they try to find if they can, work somehow. This is a frightening and serious time. In Canada, we are better served by our banking system and the mortgages that are given out must have collateral. Any deposit on a home must be within keeping of a person's earnings. Still, we are dependent on the United States as a trading partner and world power. Canada, as much as we are small as a nation, is a very large country and one that, despite some of the political lunacy that has gone on here as in every country, remains a stable much as the economy will allow now.

The computer doesn't allow always for a clear presentation of thoughts and words.


Sorry, I'll try again//good news

Sorry Rosey, I guess I was about as clear as mud.
What I ment was that taking tons of tax money (trillions) and then having the federal government distribute as they see fit is a way of enslaving ourselves to the government. We are supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Our representives in government are supposed to do as the people who elected them want them to do.
The pet projects --frisby golf-- some type of sand mouse-- these things are "fluff" or pork.
If my friends and neighbors and people in my area want to save a type of sand mouse from dying out, well---all well and good. Why should the federal government spend $2 million on it? This does not benefit the nation, create jobs, or help anyone with their taxes.
On a more pleasant note---I successfully finished the 13.1 mile run to raise money to help fight Breast cancer yesterday. It was well staffed with volunteers, water stations, etc. and the Mayo clinic should be proud of the way they did things. We were supposed to have rain, but not a drop came down. The race started at 7:30 AM, both the marathon and 1/2 marathon runners/walkers started out together. We went over a fairly large bridge to the ocean area, up A1A and onto the beach for 2 miles. It was quite windy on the beach, but it was low tide so we were on the hard packed sand.
Back the same way, up and over the bridge again, the sun came out about the 12 mile mark. It had been overcast all morning. Great for a run.
I kept up with the training group most of the way, then had to take a portapotty stop, and walked a bit.
My finish time was 3 hrs. 30 min. as far as I know at this time. The "official" times will be published tomorrow.
Joan Boinoit Samulson (winner of the first women's marathon in 1984) came to give her support. My DH and 2 friends met me for lunch/breakfast and then I came home and took a long bubble bath and a short nap.
The legs and feet are a bit sore today, but I didn't get dehydrated, and still feel human today.